Hi could someone, please help me understand my sons thyroid test results, high t4 ?

hi, just wondering if anyone can help, my son went to the gp in February this year due to tiredness and feeling a bit spaced out at first I put it down to his age ( 14 years old ) they requested a blood test and the first one came back as t4, 40.0 (10-22) but the tsh was normal 3.37 (0.30-4.50) and the t3 was normal as well, so they requested another test to be done as they thought it might be a mistake the next one came back similar this time the t4 was 38.0 so they referred him to a paediatrician who asked for the tests to be done again but sent to a different lab encase of lab interference its now September and we have got the results back again the t4 is high at 30.4 (10-22) his tsh is high at 6.16 (0.30-4.50) and his t3 is high at 15.6 (3.1-6.87) the paediatrician is consulting with a peadiatric endocrinologist at john Radcliffe hospital, which I understand it takes time but during all of this my sons headaches has worsened to the point he ends up being sick he gets so tired but when it gets to bed time he cant switch off and has suffered from depression and his school work is also beginning to suffer has anybody experienced something similar I just want him to start feeling a little bit better and happier too, thank you

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  • Coakey, your son's thyroid results may be due to a thyrotropin secreting pituitary benign tumour (TSHoma) or possibly due to resistance to thyroid hormone (RTH). Both are very rare but worth mentioning to your son's paedo endo for consideration in light of his unusual thyroid levels.

    Your son should be taken to A&E immediately if he gets a high temperature or sore throat. His high FT4 and FT3 mean he is at risk of thyroid storm which can be a medical emergency.

    These links are heavy going but are very informative.




  • thank you for replying and giving me a bit of an insight into what it might be, its so hard when your not told anything and it takes so long just to get answers from the consultants my husband is friends with a doctor and after reading your reply hes phoned him and hes going to see us tomorrow as he himself is concerned about the recent results thanks again for your time

  • Let us know how it goes, Coakey.

  • Hi, I am just scanning some post and may be able to help.

    High T3 and T4 with high TSH is a very strong indicator of thyroid hormone resistance. Doctors claim that this is rare, but the main reason that it is rare is because doctors do not test for it. It is genetic and a few genetic faults have been identified, but there are many more not yet identified.

    If there are others in the family with thyroid problems or ME/Fibromyalgia type conditions this would be a further indicator.

    It runs in my family and my son, now 21, has suffered since be was about 12. He say all types of doctors and alternative practioners but with no benefit. It was only through books and the internet that I discovered the cause of his problem and how to treat it.

    I can send you more info be email, so if interested send me a personal message with your email address.

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