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Right guys need some help here! please can you help?

I was at my endocrinologist today. I discussed with him my symptoms of feeling like I am about to die, I sound like a drama queen, I had to leave college early because I was feeling spaced out, the chronic fatigue symptoms have been killing me for over 2 and a half years. I am now on 60mg of T3 before I was on 4 grain of pig with 20 mg of t3 then reduced to 60mg of t3 with 1 grain of pig and my T3 levels were 7.4 roughly ( norm range 1.6 - 3) and my t4 levels were 4.2 roughly ( norm 9-21) my endo says they are within normal range and that he is not going to adjust the treatment. He says that its normal for having t3 levels to be high and the t4 to be low because my thyroid is now on its way to repairing itself, I have no lumps or problems with my thyroid. I am experiencing exhaustion, chronic fatigue, feeling faint, been experiencing chest pains recently too! my appetite is suppressed and finding it hard to eat, people are noticing that I am losing weight slowly yet gradually and my trousers are starting to slip off my backside a little more now. I am a size 22 and before i was diagnosed 2 years ago, i was a size 12/14 and shot up to a size 22 within one year!

My iron levels are high - its 202. the rest of the results I have not got the copies of them as I keep bloody forgetting - my memory is blinkin poor as hell and find it hard to concentrate and I am very forgetful too.

but the endocrinologist said you have done a lot of tests and your liver function is fantastic, all your vitamin levels are fantastic and above average, your cortisol and adrenal test that was tested in the morning is fantastic there is nothing at all wrong with your cortisol and adrenal levels! Everything seems good and it more than just the thyroid issue! your thyroid is on the mend! there is no swelling or anything like that!

He says to me that you need to see a psychiatrist - I am not saying its all in your head and I do understand that thyroid patients experience a lot of symptoms and I am here to treat your condition by your symptoms not by your labs! I feel that there is more than the just the thyroid!

I have spoken to my doctor and asked to get referred to an immunologist, so waiting for feedback on that! I am just like wtf do i do next? I am sick of feeling tired all the time and lacking concentration too - my boyfriend has paid for my education and i do not want to let him down but I am struggling with all these symptoms going on , plus the fact that I have been diagnosed with Bipolar affective disorder with borderline personality disorder.

can someone give me advice?

he also said that high iron levels do not cause fatigue!

thank you

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Hypohippo, it's a new endocrinologist you need. If he can't diagnose thyroid problems properly I wonder why he thinks he's qualified to make a psychiatric diagnosis. Elevated FT3 doesn't mean your thyroid is healing, it means you are hyperactive or overmedicated. Low FT4 in your case is because you are taking oral T3 and your FT3 is high. Not sure from your post what dose you were taking when you had your blood test?

I'd want to see the results of my tests and not take his word for it that everything is fantastic.

High iron (above range) may be haemochromatosis which can cause considerable joint pain and damage. Not sure whether it also causes fatigue.

Is there any chance that your bipolar and BPD meds are causing your symptoms?


He is not making a psychiatric diagnoses - he is suggesting I should go and see my psychiatrist, as an endocrinologist, he has carried out the full battery of tests as an endocrinologist can do and there is nothing else he can do!

I am not taking any bipolar and BPD meds! I have in the past felt like it was making my fatigue symptoms even worse!


Reply according to this it does cause chronic fatigue - well its worth trying!

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Haemochromatosis is a genetic condition. Unlikely. How much iron have you been taking? Also high iron = inflammation/infection. How's the hemoglobin? Low, normal, high?

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According to the endocrinologist - haemoglobin levels are normal, I dont have any problems with my blood pressure or anything like that - he says for a thyroid patient your lucky you dont have anything too bad wrong with you. I went to A and E as I ended up having nosebleeds, feeling light headed,chronic fatigue, swelling, pressure all over my face, i was feeling very heightened up and the doctor said " are you taking cocaine? you look like your going extremely high!" i tried to explain about the high iron levels and she was like iron doesnt do that, i will refer you to a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist pin pointed that it was the iron levels - the thyroid levels are fine - its perfectly normal to have high levels of t3 and low levels of t4.


Not that high.


Not likely hemochromatosis. Just too much iron. Excess iron deposits in places like the heart and that's not good.

How much physical activity are you doing? Are you capable at this time of keeping your home clean, do the dishes, grocery shopping, cooking? Going for walks? Exercising at all?


i will be very honest with you - I am completely incapable because I have been completely pooped out for over 2 and a half year, ive been bedridden,etc. I am very chaotic, i struggle to eat, i struggle to cook for myself, clean, exercise - this is not me i used to be british champion in tae kwon do, done lots of karate, pole dancing ,etc in the past now i am wasting away:(


If you're struggling to cook and clean for yourself, then cut out the exercise. Exercise is the least of your worries at the moment. Get yourself well and then you can exercise. At the moment it's more important that you feed yourself up, cook yourself some nourishing meals. Seriously, exercise is not important at the moment.

Hugs, Grey


HypoHippo, not clued up on thyroid problems as i'm still waiting for a diagnosis, but after much resistance from me, I caved in and went to see a psychiatrist, at my GP's "suggestion". Turns out GP told her he thought I had an eating disorder (the reason for his referral) and at the end of the session she told me that she wasn't surprised I was so 'depressed' with all the medical problems I have and protracted time it is taking to get help.

It certainly helped me to be told by a Qualified 'head doctor' that it Wasn't all in my head! The only thing I know about mental health medications is that they made my Dad more depressed, and when i gave in twice in the past & took tiny dose they made me hallucinate and get very aggressive. Good luck & hugs x


without your actual results we cannot tell you

BUT Chronic Fatigue is a lazy stupid doctors excuse for failure to do their job properly

your iron might be high ,,,,,,,,,,,,,BUT ITS FERRITIN that matters

along with B12, VitD3 .magnesium

if all your iron levels are truly high that in itself may be the problem as some thyroid patients have

too much iron ( I cant think of medical term for it right now ) but have to give blood regularily to bring it down to normal levels


Excuse me, but there's something I don't understand here.

" my T3 levels were 7.4 roughly ( norm range 1.6 - 3) and my t4 levels were 4.2 roughly ( norm 9-21) my endo says they are within normal range and that he is not going to adjust the treatment. "

If the T3 range is 1.6 to 3.0, how is 7.4 'in range'? It seems to me much too high. And that could very well be what is making you feel so ill. Can't you just lower it yourself? See how you feel? That's what I would do.

Oh, and thyroids don't just 'heal themselves', that's not what they do. You can have temporary thyroiditis but as your symptoms have been going on for so long, I doubt it's that.

I agree, you need a new endo, one that knows at least the basics of thyroid and maths.

Hugs, Grey


well funny that - my dads girlfriend had hyperthyroidism for 2 years and she went on a diet and her doctor turned around and said that you dont need the thyroid medicines anymore and she has been symptom free and felt normal.


Well, she's not dead yet, is she! So things can still change! lol

Sorry, bad taste. But true. Perhaps she has Hashi's, that swings so you can be hypo, normal or hyper, and then back again. Sometimes the different phases can last for years. Had I been diagnosed in my teens, I'm sure there would have been periods when I would have been pronounced cured. But it always came back again. Until now, at 69, I have just a tiny, weeny, spot of a thyroid that might keep me alive for a few months but after that...


no she has neither hashis or anything like that - her hyperthyroidism was completely gone!


Quote "can someone give me advice? "

Yes. Get a new endo. As I said to my GP a couple of years ago "it isn't helpful when a doctor says the first stupid thing that comes into their head". (He didn't disagree.). This is what your endo is doing.

* Can't be bothered to take time to think about and adjust a patient's meds? - tell them their results are find even if they blatantly aren't.

* Patient insist they still feel ill? - tell them their thyroid is healing itself

That last one, apart from being today's star, idiotic statement, is in blatant contradiction to the first one. If your thyroid is healing itself (and who's to say it isn't improving or changing) then your meds would need reducing, which would explain why your "normal" result for T3 is way above range.

Did you take any meds before that test was done? T3 is short acting, so if you did take it before the test, then he could have a point, but he isn't explaining it well.

You do not need a psychiatrist, unless you want a good laugh (historical story that I won't bore you with here)

You definitely need to order the saliva cortisol test from Genova UK.

The tests you have had done are ineffective and most endos wouldn't have a bloody clue how to interpret them anyway.

I've been ill for 38 years and in all that time I have never once had any adrenal tests, not even a blood cortisol test. Yet as soon as I had the Genova test done the problem was blindingly obvious.

Get it done.

Do you supplement iron? If not, I can't really comment on high iron levels as it's not within my experience.

Do you take any vitamin or mineral supplements at all? One that has helped me hugely is Nutri's ThyroComplex. Even the doctor who gave it to me is baffled by how well it is working and doesn't quite understand why.

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well i have been supplementing with multivitamins and minerals without iodine but with iron, stopped taking the ones with the iron and switched to multivitamins and minerals without iron and iodine.



Sorry to hear your feeling so unwell, but like many of us here that is also the case as we battle to get well and for some of us it can be months and years.

When you say your endo has done all the tests that can be do you know that. Also your blood results are not in range with the ranges that you have given.

Perhaps a starting point would be to find a new endo and learn as much as you can, there is lots of good information on this site and shared stories from others which have been invaluable to me.


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