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Night Hunger

Hi, does anybody else have night time hunger. I have been on NDT for 4 months now, , and lately have been waking in the night with extreme hunger. This is distressing as i can't sleep anyway, then the problem of having to take Meds on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Some night's i just have to get up and make a cup of tea and have a biscuit. I try to make sure that i do this three hour's prior to taking medication. Does anybody else have this problem or is it normal with Hypothyroid problem. Thanks all, appreciate any input on this

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It sounds to me as if your adrenals might be struggling. They can cause hypoglycaemia which in turns means you have to eat. Also not sleeping at night makes me wonder if your cortisol is going too high.

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I get ferocious nigh time hunger. Have heard it is tied in with hypoglycaemia. I am often woken by the hunger and it's so intense and uncomfortable, i have to get up and eat something.

Btw i do not always take ndt on an empty stomach. I have poor absorption so take creon with food. I believe the ndt will therefore be better absorbed with a meal after taking creon


Hi Bluedaaffodil,

love your username. I was diagnosed with Low Blood Sugar many years ago so this make's a lot of sense. What is Creon ?? I am in Australia so the time difference is a real pest when it comes to communication. Thankyou for responding, i really appreciate it


The problem there, bluedaffodil, is that certain foods will bind with your hormones and mean that you won't get the full dose even if you do absorb it because the body can't use bound hormones. You can adjust your dose slightly to compensate, but you will never be able to know exactly how much hormone your body is actually getting.

Hugs, Grey


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