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Colonic transit xray


Hi was just wondering if anyone has had this xray, who suffers from hypothyroidism. Thanks

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I think I did. Had to swallow different markers and then go for x ray to see where they had got to ? Mine was normal but later I had a stomach emptying test which found I had gastroparesis. It's not clear if it is the hypothyroidism or another condition I have as the cause.


Someone has just posted that on NDT her constipation resolved. Constipation is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism and I wonder if they would give you a trial of T3 added to your levo to see if it raised your metabolism sufficiently to bring relief of your constipation.

I wonder if you are not on an optimum of levothyroxine? Is the GP keeping your dose too low, i.e. 'within range'. Most of us prefer a TSH around 1 or lower to feel well.

When we are not given optimum medication, doctors are apt to give us medication to treat the symptoms whether it be pain relief, antidepressants etc etc. instead of a proper dose.

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Thankyou for your reply. Im within range !!! I feel the worst ive ever felt,

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'Within range' is meaningless to us if we are still suffering clinical symptoms and you are already feeling awful.

We have to read and learn as much as possible, especially if our GPs know little about how to treat us (of which there is quite a few).

Get a print-out of your latest blood tests, with the ranges, from the surgery (we are entitled and most of request one. It is good to keep for your own records and post on a new question for members to comment on them). Some surgeries don't charge and some a nominal sum to cover paper and ink.

Next time you have a blood test for your thyroid gland, if you are not on medication get the appointment as early as possible. If you are on medication, still get the earliest but don't take your medication until after it.

For the doctor to say you are fine - or you are in range or normal range - disregard this. Normal means, for all of us on this forum, recovery and disappearance of clinical symptoms. We've got our life back. We may have small setbacks now and then but in general feel well.

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