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Sick and tired!

I really don't know where to turn with this bloody disease anymore! Been on thyroxine (125mg) for 2 years and feel like absolute death most of the time. The latest thing is grinding my teeth at night and waking up in awful pain with them, anyone else had this? I really am wondering if the medication does more harm than good?? I am 36 and feel like I am 86, everything is hard, just want to sleep all the time! Need some advice!


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You have my sympathy , similar to my story really

I would get an endo referral , if you email Louise (admin) she has a list if recommended doctors that may well introduce some t3 into your medication routine

I have an endo who prescribes t3 and after a few years of no real improvements have decided to stop t4 altogether , I did feel good for a week after starting t3 but suspect the t4 is converting it to rt3 hence the decision to go t3 mono therapy

If you post blood results with ranges there are some very helpful people who will give you a point in the right direction

Have a read on this site , stop the thyroid madness and recovering with t3. They are very useful in getting greater knowledge of how all these things work

Do you take daily vitals like blood pressure , temp and heart rate? These recorded on getting up and every 3hours show a good picture of what your body is doing

Also vitamin D , b12 and iron are very important to us thyroid patients and symptoms can be similar if they are low (which is often in hypo)

Sleep probs are also common in hypo , I got sleep apnea which is awful !

Keep smiling there is light at the end of the tunnel

Hopefully Clutter and the admins will be along shortly to help you ! You will need to post your bloods tho

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Katie, T4 works for some people but not everyone does well. There are options if you can get your GP or endo to try them. It seems to be too much trouble to sort out within the NHS but you need testing to determine whether the cause has to do with adrenal insufficiency or whether a cofactor like iron isn't allowing conversion of your T4. In fact, this doctor says there are 22 reasons for low thyroid.

Some people opt to try a natural hormone like Armour since it contains T3 or some add synthetic T3 to their T4 and that may resolve it. I'm sorry you aren't getting better treatment and many of us face the same problem.


On a practical note, I would suggest seeing a dentist as soon as possible. There are gadgets that can be made for you - mouth guards - which will protect your teeth from the effects of grinding them in your sleep. They also help to reduce the pain it causes too.


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