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Urine infections

U.T.I. does anyone else suffer from this?

I only have half a thyroid gland & have been borderline hypo for many years now.

I keep on getting urine infections but I'm now allergic to all the antibiotics on the market that are effective, the ones that I can take, no longer work. I'm getting desperate as I'm in a lot of pain & have a fever........because my temperature is so low normally, my doctor told me that my temperature was normal a couple of days ago at 36.5 & doesn't seem concerned. Please can anyone advise me.


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I too suffer from UTI's and working with my doctor to find a solution. I told her that it is no use treating the problem, we need to get to the route of the problem so it doesn't happen again.

At the moment I'm using a natural product called "D mannose" 100% natural for a healthy bladder, based on plant sugars including cranberries (you can buy it online, do a google search). It works fast and is effect. Unfortunately it doesn't resolve the UTI issue long term, but is better than taking antibiotics.

Wish you well & fast healing!


Thanks for your reply. I spent a small fortune on this product but it didn't work for me at all. It


Best to speak with your GP. My GP has taken a urine sample and it's currently at the lab to pin point which type of bacteria is forming & then they'll target that bacteria OR assist me in understanding how to prevent further infections. Key is to find out what the cause of the infection is. There are so many types of bacteria that cause the infection and antibiotics don't always resolve the problem. Wish you healing!


Have you been checked for anemia and ferritin levels? While you're at it, what about B12,folate and vitamin D3 (important for immune system).

If you are hypo at all, this affects the strength of muscles. The bladder is a muscle but so is the urinary sphincter. Muscles need energy to function properly. They need thyroid hormone and quality blood bringing oxygen. The bladder must empty fully. If there is some reason why this does not happen, it needs to be investigated.

Are they doing the 'dip' test at least? Culture and sensitivity of whatever it is?

The majority of bladder infections are caused by fecal bacteria. Oftentimes coliforms. Rigorous personal hygiene must be practiced if a person gets recurrent urinary tract infections. Cotton gusset underwear, wash after every bowel movement, wash before having sex and urinate immediately afterwards. Drink enough fluids so you urinate regularly. Don't hold it for hours and hours.


My ferritin levels are always very low, sometimes only 8. I can only get it up to 30 & this is because I take iron supplements everyday. I'm struggling with hypo symptoms but no doctor will prescribe for me as my T4 is 9 & TSH is 4


Are you taking the iron with vitamin C in order to maximize absorption? The vitamin C will also acidify the urine which is also a good thing.

The enzymes in the mitochondria which are the little things in our cells that produce energy require iron. You absolutely must increase your iron.

Any chance of prediabetes going on? Have you got your HgbA1c test done?

You could ask for a trial of 50 mcg levothyroxine. It's not like giving you this would be the end of the world. See how you feel. If you ask from something specific and give a reason, then you may trigger some cooperation. Have you been seen by an endocrinologist?

Saying that though, you also need to have the other blood tests done as well. And supplement where necessary.


I can go through phases of getting them once or twice a month for a few months for no apparent reason and then they go again i found last time barley water really helped and stuck with it i drink around a litre a day, you can make it yourself but shopbought i found to be just as good.

I do always need antibiotics to help clear them though but barley water seems to be keeping them at bay as its been a while.


Cranberry juice is a natural bladder antiseptic but if you don't like the taste then you can get cranberry tablets which work just as well. Also drinking a glass of water every hour helps to keep the bladder flushed out. Clemmie


Several people I know, including myself, get rid of urine infections by drinking a teaspoon of

carb soda ( you might call it baking soda) stirred in a glass of warm water 3 times a day.

It'll take 2 days, then no more infection.

There are pouches of powder available here in Australia from pharmacies, that cost quite a

lot for the small amount, and if you read the label, guess what? The main ingredient is bicarbonate soda!!

I haven't had any more urine infections since starting treatment for Grave's Disease, so it

seems it was one of my many symptoms.


Hi Jillyana

You haven't given any medical info on your profile and I note you say you are borderline. Does that mean you are not on any hypothyroid medication at present?

Doctors know little, amazingly so, about the function of the thyroid gland so we have to read and learn for ourselves.

If you have the latest copy of your thyroid blood test results, with the ranges, post them for members to comment.

If you haven't had one for a while, ask for a new thyroid function test, TSH, T4, FreeT4, T3, FreeT3. Also vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. Has he checked for antibodies.


Thank you. I've only been tested for T4 &TSH since having my thyriod half removed eight years ago. The GPs won't let me have the other tests done. I'm not on any medication & the endo I saw said I needed a trial of Levo, but the top specialist refused to let me have it. So, I remain ill with hypo symptoms!


Jillyanna, It is shocking really that you have been failed and your half thyroid trying to do the work of one whole one.

Ask your GP for a new thyroid function test and if he will only do TSH and TT4 (total T4) you can get a Free T3 and Free T4 privately. Also ask your GP for a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as we are usually low. Some Endocrinologists don't appear to know much about the thyroid gland or its symptoms. I wonder sometimes where on earth they got their degree?? If it was in the third world we might fare better as they wouldn't have blood tests there I think.

If you do have a blood test get the earliest possible and a print-out with the ranges a few days later and post on a new question.

We have to take charge otherwise where will we end up? If we don't have enough thyroid hormones to optimum level we will start to get other problems, for which we will get prescriptions, but not sufficient medication for our thyroid gland.


Thank you very much for your reply. I can't face battling with the GPs at the moment though. I'm still in a lot of pain.


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