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Nosebleeds anyone?

Just wondered if anyone had experienced this. My first one started when the doc upped me from 50 to 75mcg Levo. When I lowered the dose-no more nosebleeds.

I've been on 50mcg Levo for over a year and feeling ok most of the time.

Recently I had another-but wondered if it could be to do with my iron supplements which I take every other day or when I remember! I read somewhere that iron supplements can cause nose bleeds.

Or-maybe it's hypertension so possibly need a blood pressure test?

Let me know if any of you have had this problem,thanks.

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Funnily enough, I've been getting a bloody nose which I put down to the air conditioning drying me out. I had my thyroxine raised from 50mcg to 75 mcg just under 3 weeks ago. My blood pressure this morning was raised but not enough to cause nose bleeds though and I'm already on anti hypertensives. Clemmie


I got a nosebleed which I could not stop for over 15 minutes. Called out paramedics who said my BP was high and that was probably why. The next morning my BP was normal and it appeared I had a mild touch of food poisoning, so high BP could be the cause. My Mother-in-Law used to get nosebleeds with high BP too.


Since becoming hypothyroid I get random , brief nosebleeds, usually first thing in the morning. I get them regularly for a while then they go away for a bit. No idea what this is about.


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