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Firstly THANK YOU ALL particularly clutter for all the great support and advice on here.

Today I went to see the great endo who diagnosed me last year to push for a t3 since I've been self medicating with this (t4 is prescribed). GP's have been less than useless this year and from reading others experiences I wasn't holding out much hope.

It was AMAZING! I didn't have to push, beg, convince. He was not a happy bunny about my GP’s letting my T4 levels drop so low and not spotting a conversion issue. He was even more annoyed when he found out they didn’t prescribe anything for my vitamin d insufficiency let alone tell me about it in march being low.

He was really happy that I was actively sorting out my vitamins/mineral levels and said he would have dropped the t4 and added the t3 at the doses I have now (thanks again all!). He definitely thinks it’s the right treatment for me so is sending a letter to the GP’s to recommend that they prescribe it. I had a blood test there too to see how the t3 is going and how my vitamin D is.

I feel so vindicated!

Thank you all so much for everything! I just wish they were all more like him! x

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Gosh, well done to you, what a fantastic result, no wonder you are happy. You will need to let Louise have details of your lovely man. This site is definitely the place to come for support and advice. :-)


That's very good news, Pennyrose. I think endos are beginning to take notice of vitamin deficiency and low vitD in particular. Mine asked in Feb what supplements I was taking.


well done you pennyrose , yet more proof that the good people - and advise- from this site is invaluable to us .......don't you just love it when a plan comes together === AND WORKS ===..........alan xx


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