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Hashimoto's Institute Free Webinars

Hashimoto's Institute Free Webinars

Hashimoto's Institute Free Webinars - 6pm UK time on 17th September (this evening) Lots of excellent speakers on diet and digestion:

Dr. Tom O’Bryan with the affects of gluten on thyroid health

Dr. Tom Malterre with the spectrum of healing dietary approaches

Dr. Deanna Minich with a micronutrient perspective on thyroid matters

Donna Gates with the use of fermented foods for your thyroid

Dr. Sarah Ballentyne with the autoimmune paleo perspective

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Signed up and listening - also feeling that I should be doing loads of other things as they can be quite long. Tom O'Bryan organised the Gluten Summit at the end of last year which was brilliant and strengthened my resolve .... Am going to do the ironing with the next one I decide on :-)

With Hashimotos and Auto-immune illness in general on the up - it is important to learn as much as we can. The protocols relate to many auto-immune issues and not just Hashimotos. Conditions ending with itis - eg arthritis - would also find the talks beneficial as the speakers cover the underlying causes of inflammation....

Thanks Lyn....


I put this up as well on here. It is just a GIFT to anyone who is suffering with Thyroid disease and yet NO ONE is even listening!! Do you wonder why? It is FREE, filled with clued in Doctors and Nutritionists, there have been many of these summits (The Adrenal Summit) (The Nutritional Summit) (The Thyroid Summit) and so on and yet getting anyone from these forums to go and listen to them seems like impossible! Complaining about being ill seems like it is more important then being self motivated to take action. It is a known fact that allopathic medicine has not a clue, does not know how to cure or reverse Hashimotos (and if you have hypothyroidism you have Hashimotos!) but we go back again and again to the stupid arrogant Endo at the NHS hospital who refuses to hear about your "symptoms"! Now here is a perfect opportunity to hear from doctors,naturopaths, dietician and nutritionists and pharmacists who not only had the disease themselves but REVERSED it and all for FREE!!! Will anyone out there click the link above and get well??? Or would you rather suffer? Please do your self a favour and click the link! GET BETTER with the RIGHT HELP. :-)


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