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Whistal Blowing

I've been here before.

There seems no way out if a doctor says your mad.

Then you are.

Even if you tell him and he can obviously can see bites.

I have been insulted and told I am making it up even though I have come back for the 4th time with Lyme Disease test.

I've tried to write to the complaints for both the nurses union and

The GMC.

The hospital say they can have their opinyion....

Once you might except?

The ex-minster for health I met last year said it was in compedance on behalf of these people yet she does nothing.

My MP takes little intreast.

My consultant said he would support me in any legal action.

That seems to have frizzle out.

When I presented with heart falular earlier this year.

Now I have a 4th test positive it too seems that they can take it or leave it....

They can be excused for not taking any notice because they are not an expert.

There seems no way out?


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The treatment for Lyme disease is antibiotics. Its simple enough. Have you asked your doctor for antibiotics? If he refuses, write to the head of practice, explaining that you have tested positive for Lyme disease but have not received a course of treatment. Ask them to investigate the reason for this and say you would like the letter to be added to your file.

It may work....

Good luck

G x

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The question is much more complex.

I was first treated in 2005 my notes went missing between 2009.

One GP removed my notes.

He pretended I harassed him.

Dr P said easily done.

I away attend by ambulance covered in bites with a high blood

Pressure. In 2009 the doctor was told of my attendance to A And E

He didn't inform the doctor I was regards that he had treated me the previous year for Lyme Disease.

3 days later I was put in a psychiatric hospital

At the surprise of the ambulance man as he had attend me previously.

Taken off my antibiotics..

Told my condition was delusional schizophrenia.

Then treated with anti psychotics.

It grows like pernochoes nose.

The lies the effort it takes to make it up.

The patient has lot his battle.

He is mad before he begins.

I have tried to correct matters so many times.

The GMC the health care commission you name it.

It just gets worse.

3 doctors lie the others too afraid to help but they say report it to the press. They will do nothing.




You might find that listening to novelist Jane Green speaking about her experience of being misdiagnosed and treated for Bipolar Disorder when she actually had Lyme makes you feel a bit less alone at least. Hang in there and keep fighting your corner to get treatment for Lyme.


That was a good interview Twitchtoes, and Carolr, you can also read about it here - it may give you knowledge to achieve the same positive outcome as Jane: facebook.com/authorJaneGree...


Thanks - hope Carolr can derive some consolation and strength to keep fighting through listening to it. Being in good company helps I find.


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