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B12 & B9

I'm currently experiencing extreme burning throbbing pain in legs/feet/hands especially at night - I've read that low B12 & B9 can cause this due to non-absorption even if blood tests have shown these levels to be ok. I'm due to go to the dr tomorrow so will be explaining all these new symptoms. I'm also taking anti-convulsants which I've read can stop absorption of these as well.

It might not be this but looking for any possible explanation. (I should have been a doctor!)

I have been supplementing myself with a B Vit complex tablet daily - has anyone else had these symptoms ? Also do you find that the Vit B pills have a very strong smell/taste which sometimes cause upset tummy (although I take with or after food)?

Any advice ? I'm going to ask for print out of my last bloods which I will post later

Many thanks

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I think it may be worth knowing where your FT3 is...as morebeans mentioned to you in a recent post. Could it be that your T4 medication is not converting into the ACTIVE T3 which is needed in every cell of your body.

I also read you are due surgery soon - so it's important to have good B12 levels as having anaesthetic can destroy it. A B Complex will not give you adequate B12. Sorry cannot help with the bad taste....


Hope you find the above link helpful....

If your anti-convulsants are blocking absorption of vital nutrients then it is possible you may need B12 injections to bypass the gut. Also Jarrow Methycobalamin chewed and kept under the tongue could help - 1000mcg size....


Thank you Marz

I've read the link - very helpful - I've not enough time to include more B12 before my op (it's next Monday) -can you advise where I can get B12 tablets or Jarrow Methycobalamin ?

See what the doctor says tomorrow ! Last week a different doctor said need to check for diabetes & also increase my levothyroxine to 150mcg after my operation although in recent months I've had a lot of blood tests & urine tests by the endocrinologist.

It is so difficult as I have so much going on at the same time - hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, nocturnal seizures, sleep apnea, arthritis (referred pain from my hip) back /knee pain etc., so have to deal with one thing at a time - but in the meantime - I'm having horrid symptoms & pain while I'm waiting! Plus I'm not tolerating epilepsy drugs very well & these may have to be changed.

Sorry for the moaning as I know so many others on this site have all the same issues - but it does help to talk to others for advice-!

I haven't been properly well for about 14 yrs & sometimes just want to take off my body & put it in the cupboard for a short time to have a good day (promise I'll put it back on again !!)) only wish this was possible.

Kind regards


Jarrow B12 can be bought on-line from various places - Big Vits - amazon. I know you have a great deal on your plate at the moment and people have been generous with their advice - but I still can't see any results with ranges posted. TSH FT4 FT3 Anti-TPO Anti-Tg and also B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD. Difficult to advise generally when these are missing :-)

I am concerned about your FT3 as the brain has the MOST receptors for T3 - which is as you know the most active hormone - so if it is low or high could be part of the story with your seizures.

Are you still taking the T3 dose with your T4 ? I am T3 only and when it was split throughout the day I had a funny heart thing when the next dose was due - gone in half an hour. The heart is a muscle and needs T3 like all the other muscles in the body.

I also had a Fibro diagnosis some 14 years ago - which has almost disappeared since being optimally treated. You may have thyroid anti-bodies - have they been tested ? Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. Addressing diet is also helpful for Fibro and arthritis. Gluten can cause inflammation in the gut and can also permeate the blood brain barrier. So much info I know - when you have recovered it may be worth considering. We are what we eat. I have Crohns as well as Hashimotos and have tried my best to find wellness. ( You can look at my profile by clicking onto my name. It is the edited version of what has happened over the last 50 years :-) )

Hope all goes well with the op 'and take things slowly.....


Hi Marx

I now have my results from August 21st

TSH 2.22 (0.3-3.94) - -Ferritin 79 ug/l (13.0-150.0)

Vit B12. 454 ng/l (191.0-663.0)---Folate. 4.9 ug/l (4.6-18.7)

I did see Endo (privately) in early August - so I don't have Anti-TPO etc results yet - my dr said she will let me know when copies are available. All other tests were ok except

Serum alkaline phosphatase level was slightly high - 106 iu/L. (35-104.0)

She thought my symptoms were fibromyalgia related - ie. pain fatigue still (I always get this prognosis) - but wants to check for diabetes (fasting blood test) with regard to my feet hands leg burning etc., after my hip op next week .

Many thanks hope this gives you more idea what is going on.


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