been feeling frustraited thyroid is not working right.cant seem to level it out.its all over the place.been taking meds for 6 yrs now.i keep gaining weight then i will loose it. now im gaining weight back because of my thyroid. i asked them if they would just take it out but they said no. is there anything else i can take for a vitimine or something to help?

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  • If you have it out it will make weight gain more difficult to lose that's for sure. Post your blood results with ranges and someone will advise

  • A lot of people on this site find they are low on Iron, Ferritin and Vitamins B12 and D. These vitamins help your body use the Thyroid hormones you take, so yes, there are vitamins you can take, provided you get the doctor to test them and find out which ones you are deficient in.

  • thank you for your reply.i realy appreachate it

  • Yes do as mistydog says, plus what medication and how much you are on?

  • im on 200 micro grams.

  • Hi harleychick

    Don't know how old you are, but I am 67. Have you tried regular aerobic exercise I mean about 3 times a week, something that you enjoy doing, not a boring old tread mill in the gym, all the better if you join a sociable aerobic type class or anything along that line. I have been on 125mcg Levo for over 2 years now. I lost a stone to start off with and whoopee managed to maintain it, and I swear that it is the exercise classes that help me to maintain it. I feel fed up if I can't get to my exercise classes as I feel really good after them and look forward to them as they have become part of my life.. I am not good at dieting but do not eat to many sugary things as that can turn to fat if you don't burn it off. I wish we could just rely on the meds to keep us slim but I am afraid that is not the case if we need to feel well and stay healthy we need to keep moving. Lifting weights is great for building muscle too ( not of the male variety ) The more solid your muscles the more calories you will burn. There is no way I would recommend having your Thyroid removed, reckon it could lead to even more complications than pure weight gain.

  • dont have an arobic class at my gtm. i work a lot. i am a nurses aid. i am 45 yrs old. i dont eat a lot of sugar. it is very frustraiting for me. i go to the gym 3 days a week. thank you for your help.

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