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Could these symptoms be my thyroid???

Hello. Just had my annual blood test done and Tsh was 1.1. Thus doctors says normal so no change o 100mg levo. However I am also suffering from extreme muscle weakness. I get pins and needles in my fingertips and toes, my limbs feel jelly like and i feel clumsy as though i am having a delay in reacting to what my brain is telling my limbs to do. I have booked another appointment where I will ask for FT3 FT4 B12 and Vit D and ferritin to be tested even if I have to pay but are these symptoms related to my thyroid or could it be something else?? Will these extra blood tests help me? Please help as I have a 2 week wait to see the doc and every day I am getting worse. Thanks so much x

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Definitely get those tested.

If you KNOW you don't have Pernicious Anemia, then taking high dose vitamin B12 methylcobalamin sublinguals will make a difference after a few days. If you don't know one way or the other, wait for the blood test results.


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