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Thyroid Question time

Hi planned visit to London this morning to the London Thyroid group meeting has unfortunately been called off which is disappointing.

There is severe disruption on the underground between Moorgate and Hampstead and the only other option would be to drive there which we don't fancy doing.

Was anyone else planning to go? I would be interested to hear what subjects come up.

Looks like I will have to go with plan "B"......... Pulling up weeds in the garden ...UGH!

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Hi I wasn't planning to go as I live in Scotland but I didn't like to see no replies. A better plan B would have been to have a lazy day and pamper yourself. Much much better than weeding. lol


Thanks Stourie for your reply.

I didn't really expect to get any response from that one.........

I did sincerely intend to go to the meeting but maybe it would have been a wasted journey after all so worked out for the best.

My gardening turned out to be a good alternative as we have today been able to book someone to replace some fencing for us and the site is now all cleared for I'll sit back and admire it when it's done and then pamper myself.X


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