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Asking for T3 Only from Endo tomorrow. What are my chances based on latest blood results?

What are my chances of getting my Endo to prescribeT3 only?

I am currently on T3 20mcg and T4 100mcg daily.

My latest blood tests are as follows:-

TSH - 0.18 mu/L (0.55-4.78 mu/L)

T4 - 10 pmol/L (9.00-23.00 pmol/L)

T3 - 3.5 pmol/L (3.50-6.50 pmol/L)

My TSH is getting higher (less suppressed) as it was 0.11 mu/L recently and 0.07 mu/L and 0.05 mu/L before that. It is getting better as time goes on, due a reduction of T4 6months ago, because I was getting heart irregularities which have now disappeared since the T4 reduction.

I would like to be on T3 only.

I was never well on T4 only and feel much better on combo T4/T3, but feel there is a great deal of room for improvement. I have hashimoto's and still have hypo symptoms.

Any suggestions and thoughts on latest bloods and good argument for T3 only despite TSH still slightly suppressed.

Is it normal to have suppressed TSH and both T3 and T4 being at the bottom of normal range? Aren't they supposed to be at the mid-top of normal range?

Thanks in advance


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Your TSH is low but it isn't suppressed which is 0.03.

I think it's more likely the endo will reduce your T4 slightly and increase your T3 as your FT3 is bottom of the range. If increased dose of T3 doesn't improve your FT3 and symptoms then a case may be made for T3 only.

FT4 is often lower when taking oral T3 as the need for high storage level for conversion to T3 is bypassed.

Good luck on Thursday.


Thanks clutter. I'm encouraged to read your reply. Any increase of T3 and decrease of T4 is a step in the right direction for the T3 only treatment I'm looking for.

I've been on T3/T4 combo for more than a year now. Started on 5mcg>10mcg>15mcg now 20mcg daily spread over 3x doses. I'm the Using circadian method.

Seeing as I've been increased slowly at 5mcg per time. Am I being unrealistic to ask for another 10mcg (50% increase) per day to 30mcg daily and Perhaps reduce T4 to 25-50mcg? I'm on 100mcg T4 now. is this too drastic?

Thank you for taking the time to reply.


W3ndy, I'd ask for 20mcg T3 as your FT3 is so low. T4 should only be reduced by 50mcg for each 20mcg T3 added.


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