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Results, after 1 year on Armour..any comments?


Am under care of Dr P, although don't speak with him much as it seems to take so long to try different doses out.

Can any one comment on this? I think my levels are a bit too high? I still have many symptoms, but am able to do so much more..........the cherry on the cake will be exercise. I plan to get another adrenal saliva and checck B12 again as that was a bit low originally but for minute what do you think. Tsh is quite supressed is this ok? I am on 2 and 3 quarter grains of Armour,,,should I reduce a bit even though not up to par. I also take Nutri adrenal extra x6 per day. Also still don't understand the Antibody result?? What does negative in brackets mean? Also that is lower than last yr which thyroglobin= 250 but they seem more concerned this Blue Horizon Dr comment below....

Please find attached your results in PDF format, and our Doctor's comments directly below.


The thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level is low, although thyroxine levels are currently within normal limits. If you already taking thyroxine, dose adjustment may be necessary - you should discuss this with your usual doctor. If you are not taking thyroxine, it would be wise to keep an eye on this level - either by reference to previous results if known or by checking TSH again in 6 months' time or so. There is a possibility that hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) will develop if the TSH fails to rise (a low TSH implies excessive thyroxine production from the thyroid gland).

The positive thyroglobulin antibody result is consistent with a diagnosis of autoimmune thyroid disease (eg Grave's disease).

If you have, or develop, any symptoms suggestive of thyroid illness I urge you to make contact with your usual doctor.


TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 129 nmol/L 59 - 154


FREE THYROXINE 22.0 pmol/l 12.0 - 22.0

FREE T3 6.0 pmol/L 3.1 - 6.8



Thyroglobulin Antibody *171.4 IU/mL 0-115(Negative)

Method used for Anti-Tg: Roche Modular

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 14.7 IU/mL 0 - 34

Method used for Anti-TPO: Roche Modular

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Cat69, The T3 in NDT suppresses TSH. Don't worry about the BH comments, they're assuming you're on Levothyroxine and see suppressed TSH as over medication even though your FT4 and FT3 are within range, or you're unmedicated and heading for hyperthyroidism. If you are still symptomatic I wouldn't reduce your dose.

Positive thyroglobulin antibodies can mean thyroid autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's), even though you are negative for thyroid peroxidase antibodies. TSH Receptor antibodies (TRab) is the test for Graves. I think the BH doctor is seeing suppressed TSH and high in range FT4 and FT3, elevated TgAb, assuming you are not on medication and are therefore heading for hyperthyroidism/Graves. Too many assumptions.


Hi Clutter,

Thank you for you reply the other week and sorry for delay (not well this week).

Ok I see what you are saying re BH. Do you think its ok to increase quarter or half tab bearing in mind my results are top of range? It's just I am physically getting bit better but have terrible mental episodes sometimes, bursting into tears, anger, terrible anxiety. so would presume I would need to increase a bit more?

I can re post this if you cannot reply.

thanks again


Cat69, yes try the increase and see whether it helps. FT4 slightly elevated isn't a problem and there's room for your FT3 to rise without going over range.

Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments about suppressed TSH and elevated FT4


thank you so much, will have a read


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