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Pompous Dr's


Just went very reluctantly down Dr's as my throat so bad,...... dreading the how are you apart from that question. (last time in there Aug 13 was dx CFS by two Dr's and said my results were not bad enough to medicate, despite abnormal thyroid result).

I answered the question and I said it' s a bit controversial but I am on NDT before other Dr's wouldn't give me anything and he said "Oh is that that Armour that the Dr was struck off for giving a patient a stroke!) I said there were a few of them and it's getting me better and I've spent 18 months of lying on my back ill reading about it................phew, he brushed it off and didn't have to go into it further. they make you feel like a complete idiot. I am not in the right headspace to argue my case. ...........I will be one day and going to go down their armed with paperwork and stats!!

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They don't like informed patients due to fragile ego etc.


Well done Cat - the BTA have done a brilliant job indocrinating the Endos and GPs with the threat of being struck off. Never mind that they let Dr Shipman loose on the population and God knows how many he really killed.

The rumours that they pass around - is ridiculous. Considering that levo keeps many unwell, particularly if they keep the dose too low, just so the TSH is in range.

I am glad you are doing so much better and when the anger kicks in that you have been so unwell, you will know you are reaching recovery.

You can give this to your GP, for information just so he knows more than the BTA.

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