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Mystery body temperature issues

I dont know what it is. I've been having issues with my body temperature. Its either Im boiling hot and having hot sweats, or Im freezing cold, or Im freezing cold and having sweats. I do have hypothyroidism, and I take a prescribed medication for it every morning. And I just saw my endocrinologist a few days ago, and he said my thyroid labs from June came out good. That's also confusing. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me, my body and its temperature?

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That sounds like doctoring by blood test result rather than listening to the patient

I wonder how much he is getting paid to completely ignore what you are telling him


Did the results come out wrong? Because I don't know why I would have these issues if everything came out normal and fine. The doctor that I saw is a doctor I had never seen before. The 2 endocrinologists I have seen there are both on maternity leave. But I don't get why Im having these issues if everything is fine. And I havent been 100% sure what it is, but Ive guessed its my thyroid


No, the results were probably correct, but they are interpreted incorrectly. Most endos and gps just look at the ranges - if you are within range you are fine, even while you are telling them that you are having symptoms. They will then put these symptoms down to other things and medicate them differently, and you will be taking drugs you probably don't need if you were properly medicated for thyroid.

Post your blood results with ranges. If you don't have them, ring up and ask for a copy - you are entitled. Always ask for a printed copy from your GP or your endo. People here will comment. Also let us know what amount of levothyroxine you are taking.


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