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Can someone advise me on what results I should be aiming for?

Hi, I have been on levo for an underactive thyroid for some time now. My last increase was because my tsh was 6.29 my t4 is within ranges only ever had issue with tsh. My new gp who is really good increased meds up to 75mg 8 weeks ago had blood test and tsh down to 3.63 I haven't got ranges yet sorry. I was wondering what the ideal goal is for feeling better I know from the lab ranges in in the "normal" range but I still am freezing cold, headaches tiredness etc so I'm hoping for increase in medication. I have telephone appointment today with my gp and I was hoping for help as to what most people feel better with regarding to tsh numbers? I know I will have to tell him and almost persuade him that my tsh is still abit high and will benefit from increase in meds but was hoping for a few pointers from you guys please?? Many thanks

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You're aiming to feel as well as possible, not to play a game of painting by numbers. I think Dr Toft suggests that most people feel better when their TSH is below 1. I feel best when my TSH is less than 0.5 it seems. When it rose to 2.5 last year I had all sorts of symptoms and raised my dose. My GP is learning to do what he is told!

As you still don't feel right, make sure you are also tested for Vit B12, Vit D, iron, folate and ferritin. All need to be well in range, not just bottom, for your meds to work well.

Have you been tested for thyroid antibodies?

Get into the habit of always asking for a print-out of all your test results, with ranges. This way you can spot trends and take responsibility for your own treatment. It's also rather amazing how a doctor's idea of "normal" or not treatment needed changes when they know you will see the results!


Thanks for reply, I supplement all the others as trying to increase my numbers especially my folate levels, I normally get print outs but just moved so haven't collected yet but will do soon. Its annoying as gps just say oh yeah that's within normal range but I still feel unwell I think like you I may need to have a lower tsh in order to feel better bur they just go on lab ranges its hard to tell them I think still high and increase may be needed. I asked about antibodies testing but said because my other thyroid levels within range its mot needed its just my tsh high. Should I get this done privately? Ive been taking vit D spray and other irons plus magnesium too which I found has helped with aching joints and breathlessness. I will speak to gp and see if he will increase by symptoms alone. X


Ask your GP if he's treating you or the piece of paper the results are written on. I'm not aware that many sheets of paper go the doctor's unaided to ask for treatment.

The point of antibody testing, I think, is to help determine the cause of your hypo. Also, if you do have antibodies (which I don't), I believe diet can help.


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