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Are doctor's brainwashed


Saw a different doc on Tuesday and he was brilliant. I had first b12 injection, a prescription for iron and several more blood tests.

I am on 100 mcg Levo and with one thing and another still feeling shash.!!

On my way out of the surgery I casually asked about some t3. You would think I had asked for heroin or something. He said no way and to increase Levo by 25mcg if I wanted.

My question is, what gets their backs up about t3 Etc , and how are they so closed minded!

Regards all


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Pinkpeony, the UK guidelines state categorically that Levothyroxine is the treatment for hypothyroidism and pretty much dismiss T3 and NDT as snakeoil remedies that will cause your bones to crumble to dust and your heart to burst with atrial fibrillation and arrythmias. Med students soak this rubbish up and become convinced that T3 will bring down civilisation as we know it.

Pinkpeony in reply to Clutter

It's kind of scary that a perfectly helpful and reasonable doctor actually seemed to ' bristle' when I mentioned t3.

How can thyroid patients have more of a voice. It surely is against the rules of medicine to make people experiment with their health.

If it wasn't for recently finding this site,I was beginning to think I was a hypochondriac.

Thanks as usual Clutter.


I was diagnosed with Graves in November but I had seen a doctor in September and afterwards went back to the car and said to my husband that the doctor thought I was a real hypochondriac / nutter and told me I was needing a holiday. I was almost crying with frustration because I knew I felt absolutely awful.

I am convinced that if doctors looked more carefully at the people they think of as 'hypochondriacs' they would find they actually had thyroid problems, then if they treated these patients properly they would no longer be 'hypochondriacs'

I am beginning to think that my GP thinks I keep inventing "new" symptoms to moan about - they're not new, just ones that still need sorting. She's previously told me that, if and when I present with specific problems, then she will treat them appropriately. (Whether or not I believe I am being treated appropriately is another issue, because being patted on the head doesn't count). I don't enjoy going to the doctor, I only go when things are so bad that I truly need to.

I would rather that the dots were joined up properly, and that everything is looked altogether and sorted out. I don't think my endo actually takes note of the symptoms at all sometimes.

Perhaps I will make an appointment and tell them that my new symptom is hypochondria - is there a suitable treatment for that I wonder.

Pinkpeony in reply to BeansMummy

Ha BeansMummy are all endo's tarred with the same brush. With mine it's between the ranges so you must feel well.

The hypochondria one is a great idea, Let me know how you get

Cheers Pinkpeony

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I know what you mean my Graves was put down automatically to menopause simply because I was female in my fifties x

You wouldnt believe the half of it. There is a wonderful veneer thown across the medical profession and how medical care is dispensed. People who try to tell the real story are censored

Wow quite inflammatory to say such a thing? Well what do they call it in for instance places like Iran or China when people are prevented from reading news on the Internet.

Potential huge medical stories are being blocked from the majority being able to view them

YES and I do mean being blocked.

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Even with T4 Clutter, when I was first diagnosed - albeit 33 years ago - I was warned not to take too much Levo otherwise my heart would burst like an overdone jacket potato ....... :-/

I wonder how many people that's happened to ??????

And when I mentioned buying NDT on the web recently, my GP did the ya di ya di ya di thing at me, as if I'd mentioned buying heroin pinkpeony :-)

Pinkpeony in reply to Hidden

Ha ha Hypnoteq, you have made me laugh this morning, an event that doesn't happen too often these days.

I had a vision of all the Hypo patients prowling the streets looking for a ' dealer' .

NDT , T3 etc

Hmmm might not be a bad idea. Lol

Cheers PP

Hidden in reply to Pinkpeony

Pleased to make you giggle pinkpeony ;-)

I know the feeling of too few laughs, so the image of us all going out after dusk, hoodies over our head looking for our next fix made me laugh too ...........

It might come to that yet.

Fruitandnutcase in reply to Hidden

Lol - you have put a smile of my face. I'll never look at an overdone jacket potato again :-)

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Clutter in reply to Hidden

Hypnoteq, critical thinking is obviously another omission on the med student curriculum :o

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No cant remember a post on hete asking for advice on a bursting heart reminiscent of an overdone jacket potato x

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Clutter's right, as usual.

And to make it worse, those who are persuaded it isn't snake oil are terrified at the thought of having to justify the high cost to all the other partners at the practice, when everyone else believes that levo works just fine.

We've had a few posters recently report that their GP says they can't afford it.

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