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I've been taking Armour now for 3 weeks. Read on here lately that I should swallow it with water and I had been using it subligually! Anyway on Saturday I'm increasing to 1/2 grain. I cant say that I have noticed any improvements. Perhaps I'm expecting improvements too soon?

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Topaz, the manufacturers design their tablets to be swallowed with water, broken down and absorbed through the gut. Apparently the T4 and T3 molecules are too large to be absorbed sublingually.

1/4 grain is a very small dose and even if optimally absorbed probably isn't enough to effect improvement. You can increase by 1/2 grain and if you don't notice sufficient improvement on 3/4 grain increase by another 1/2 grain after 2/3 weeks and so on until your symptoms resolve.

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Thanks Clutter, I did think 1/4 grain was expecting too much for improvement. I'll increase gradually as you suggest.

Sorry if this is an obvious question, but have you been taking them on an empty stomach and waiting an hour before food/non-water drink? Leaving four hours between ndt and iron and/or calcium? Sometimes these fall between the cracks but can really affect your absorption. :-)

Hi puncturedbicycle, I;ve been taking the NDT on an empty stomach 1/2 hr before taking 2 other things on an empty stomach 10 minutes apart. I'm starving by the time I get to eat!

If it helps I have mine by my bed -I take it when I wake up so by the time i am up an showered and dressed and ready for breakfast an hour has gone by..... :) make sure you take any iron or calcium supplements 4 hours away from your thyroid meds....

Some NDT's can be taken sublingual but since Armour was reformulated a few years ago I believe this is no longer the case. There are some other NDT's though that you can take sublingual...which is handy if you have stomach absorption issues. If you look on Stopthethyroidmadness website they have a list of NDT's stating which work sublingual and which don't...

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Thanks wavylines. I always wake up too early so perhaps I should just take it then and doze till I want to get up which would probably be about an hour! I think I'll srtick with Armour for the time being, at least it is being prescribed by the GP with no problems.

Absolutely Topaz -i would stick with it as it is far far too early on to say whether it is working.....i have heard that some people chew them up and then drink water and felt this helped. however in your case it is probably because you are early on and will slowly increase. I remember when I moved across -I felt pretty rough until I gradually got onto a higher dose. Good luck -hope it works for you :)

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Thanks wavylines. Woke at 6 this morning so took the Armour straight away and dozed till I wanted to get up - worked fine.

Hi Topaz. Give yourself a chance, it's very early days. Don't be tempted to rush it, which is what I did and it made me feel pretty awful. However, after learning my lesson I proceeded more slowly, increasing by 1/4 grain every 10 days until I actually felt a little over medicated @ 2 1/2 grains. I then knocked it back to 2 grains. I can't tell you how well I feel and can't think of a time in 40 years, since my total thyroidectomy, that I've felt this well. I feel so awake and my energy levels are much higher.

I take mine when I first wake in the morning, which is about an hour before I actually get up. I cut the 2 grain tab into 1/4's and swallow with a glass of water. Although not prescribed NDT, my Endo supports me taking it and she actually complimented me on my last bloods and said it was about perfect! TSH 0.1 (0.2-5.5), FT4 15.5 (10-24.5), FT3 6.5 (3.9-6.7). As you can see the TSH is very suppressed and the FT3 is in the very top end of the range but she was happy with that.

Slowly but surely and you'll get there.

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Hello Flatfred,

Which NDT do you take? X

That is such good news flatfred. I will go up 1/4 grain at a time. I am longing for my energy to improve enough so that I can go for a walk again! Your bloods look wonderful. How often will your GP do the tests?

Joesmum. Armour at the mo but Thyroid-S once the Armour's all gone, which will be in approx 4 months. The T-S is about one 1/5 the cost of Armour and although I haven't had any probs getting the Armour so far, it seems as though others are starting to. I've asked on here what peoples view on T-S is and the replies have been positive. Cheap enough to negate the need to get it on prescription.

Topaz. I have a v. good relationship with my GP and he supports me taking NDT. He'll do the bloods whenever I think it needs doing, luckily for me lol.

It/ you will get better, hang in there ;0)

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