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8yrs of generally feeling bAd and as if I have Flu all day am on Liquid Thyroxine and trying to add even a tiny amount ofT3 to it in tablet form has had terrible effects so I have abandoned it .I took 125 mls this am and result -- fluey go back to 100 mls tomorrow and see if I am Overmedicated as my TSH4 weeks ago was 0.3 (0.4-4.5) FT4 21.7 (9-25) FT3 4.7 (3.5 -7.8) but feeling better on 125mls just rather tired thus the experiment

With T3 . Should I try 125 mls one day and 100 the next as the TSH is optimum ?

Has any one asked to be monitored for a few days in hospital to see what is going on and did it happen and was it useful towards getting well ? Every Blood test under the sun etc! I am wondering whether to go this way asam beginning to feel desperate and I do not have much of a life I was widowed 3 yrs ago and am feeling ready to move on a bit and travel and visit friends and help family but that is hopeless at the moment Sorry to be a wet rag but HELP any solutions out there!?

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Pig4U, it will take 48/72 hours for the last T3 you took to leave your system so you may have been overmedicated when you raised your liquid T4 to 125mcg. Stay on 100mcg for a few days to see if your symptoms improve and if not try 100mcg/125mcg on alternate days.

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