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Throat Problem?

I've been having this ache at my throat area for a month already. I've done an ultrasound to check the thyroid (it's fine, no lumps or anything) and also a nasal scope to see the throat (it's fine as well).

Other symptoms include stress, anxiety and increased appetite. Also a hoarse voice, random coughing fits, and stomach pains but for now that's all. I'm currently taking a hormone pill (Meliane) but the doctor said it probably has nothing to do with my aching throat.

The aching isn't the same as a sore throat. The aching comes and goes a lot, and the intensity of the pain varies from being mildly uncomfortable to the point where it gets a little intense. I feel the pain even when I'm not swallowing (though I can still feel it when I swallow). I've been told that there's a possibility that the pain can be from the acid from stomach pains, but I highly doubt it, because it's more of a strained-aching feeling than a burning sensation from acid.

Also I don't smoke or drink. I haven't lost any weight either.

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Kathleen, welcome to the forum.

It will help members comment if you post the results of your recent thryoid tests with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and say what medication and dose you are taking. If you don't have the results ask your GP receptionist or Practice Manager for a print out.

The ultrasound appears to have ruled out a goiter or thyroid nodules causing the pain.


Kathleen, you haven't filled in your profile so I don't know of your medical history, whether you have a thyroid gland dysfunction or not yet diagnosed. If you are on medication etc. what dose? Do you have a print-out of thyroid blood tests with ranges?

Can you give a little more details please.


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