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Finally MMA results for B12!

Right finally I have my results for my MMA test taken over 6 weeks ago! My result is 0.25 umol/l, which apparently is 'normal'. I'm had a quick look around and this does seem to be in the normal range, so bit confused on that since my other tests say something different.

My other results so far are:

Serum B12: 182 ng/l and a few weeks later 202 ng/l

Homocysteine: 9.9 mmol/l

I was going to ask about having a referral for the active B12 test, however after the result I was told categorically and rather exasperatedly that I 100% did not have B12 deficiency. At that point, I didn't think there was much point in continuing the conversation further.

I know that this is too low, and have bought myself some Jarrows B12 5,000mcg sublingual to use. I'm still looking into having my amalgam fillings replaced as I know about the connection with mercury. However I was kind of hoping to get the active test done, before I start to supplement, mainly just as a curiosity to see what my levels are. Then later after having my fillings replaced and a few months down the line, maybe do another test to see if there has been any improvement (although hopefully noticing a physical/mental change before then).

However with the GP convinced I don't have a problem, I'm guessing I can't get the NHS active test now. I'm now thinking Blue Horizon, or maybe Thyroid UK could be put down as my 'practitioner'? Or just not bother with the test? What's your thoughts guys? Cheers :)

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Definitely take the B12 but also take methylfolate as well if you don't know if you have a problem with this as well. It's best taken in concert. Same with the other Bs.

Iron? How's that doing?

In my opinion, and the approach I took with the endo was everything was optimal first. So there was nothing to tweeze out as to potential 'other' causes. No excuses. Vitamin D and A were excellent, ferritin was excellent (of course she didn't do B12 and I'm adding it in my usual subversive way to the lab form)


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