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Any ideas about my legs? - going to GP on Friday

Hi. I have been on alternating days of 75mg and 100mg levi for a couple of years and been fine. I have mild asthma. Until about six months ago I used to exercise regularly and kept pretty well, but life intervened and I have found it difficult to exercise in the last few months as I seem to be constantly busy. Recently, I have found that my legs ache with just a little walking (say 6 miles or so, and today I just did two miles and they were aching). My guess is it is lack of exercise over these few months that have made the muscles weak, but I am also wondering about the weather (my ankles are swollen), the asthma, or whether my thyroxine is right.

I am going to the doc on Friday to get a form for my annual blood test and will ask for full Thyroid (which i don't get usually), Vit D; Vit B12; Ferritin and Folate. Is there anything else I need? any ideas about the legs?

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Romulalupine, I love your idea of a short walk :-D I should think it likely that the lack of exercise has caused your aching muscles and this will ease as you get back into walking.

You're asking for the right tests. Remember to have your thyroid test early in the morning when TSH is highest and don't take your Levothyroxine until after the test. I've read that folate needs to be a fasting test 9-12 hours.


Thanks Clutter - I don't do six miles all the time!

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When you say recently, how recently? Only asking because my daughter and I have had what we call an aching leg virus - no symptoms except mild diarrhoea, tiredness and really aching legs - it got better after about a week. If we hadn't both had it I would have been baffled and not thought it could be a virus.


You may not be on enough medication as aches/pains can also be a clinical symptom. When I was on levo, I couldn't move and was so stiff it was near impossible to walk.

When you get a copy of your blood tests with the ranges, put them on a new post for members' comments.


I have always been an energetic person, never still, Hypothyroidism symptoms of my unusual type of weight gain actually made me scared to exercise, as if it would do my bones or joints more harm. I could not even ride my bike.

As soon as I took my Levothyroxine on an empty stomach 4 hours away from iron and calcium, within two days I was back to dancing around and ice skating with my Grandchildren. It was like a miracle, I could hardly believe it myself.

My Levothyroxine was upped again and I felt even better.

At the time of not being able to exercise I actually though it was down to just old age and thought I'd have to give up work.


That's great and helpful for members. Even doctors can tell you 'it's your age'. I'm glad you're feeling so much better and also active.


Thank You Shaws,

You too found it difficult to even walk.

I hear many TUK members find it hard to exercise (exercise resistant, I think it's called.) Yet Doctors say exercise to loose weight. How laughable is that if you have Thyroid connected problems and know you cannot exercise. I'm only little in build yet I certainly could 'NOT' exercise as before.

Also I think all people who find it difficult to loose weight should have their Thyroid bloods checked, before going to Slimming Clubs. A friend wasted her money trying to loose weight at a slimming club, only to find she had Hypothyroidism.

It was down to members on here (TUK) giving me their excellent advice and the fact I'll try anything once, ;) which has almost cured me.

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I had no stiffness/joint or muscle pain until I took levothyroxine and with my orginal TSH at 100 I had no option, nor did I know there was an option until later.

I couldn't even step onto a pavement. No problems now, thankfully.

Ask your GP if he will add 10mcg of T3 for a reduced T4 on a trial basis. Also, if we are on an optimum dose to raise our slow metabolism we should be able to go to a slimming club or a diet of our own to lose excess which has crept up. I am glad you are nearly cured. That's very good news.


TSH at 100 ? really ? Wow! Yes you said it was the levo causing you to not be able to walk, now you've got me wondering if mine was Levo connected or not, especially when I was on a lower dose, but then having more made me better, so maybe not, I did do a diary somewhere, must find it out.

That was a terrible reaction to Levo Shaws. Anyone else have that reaction to Levo ?

Does having the T3 warm you up, get rid of dry skin, give you better hair and make you sweat again ?


Many people complain of painful joint/muscles and it is clinical symptoms. If you had it before being diagnosed it would definitely be a symptom but if it developed after levo I think it would be the fillers/binders in levo.

I am as cosy as toast, especially in bed when my legs/feet used to be like ice. It hasn't given me better hair as I developed another autoimmune Alopecia Areata. As soon as someone says how nice my hair is, it begins to shed like billyoh. Also, if the weather is warm it doesn't affect me, I like it.


Joints Muscles aches, pins and needles and electric shocks, not forgetting the brain fog and tiredness too, luckily all in the past now, but still cannot remember which came first, the Levo or the symptoms, time can fog things over. ;)

Just so grateful to feel far better now and know it was not connected to getting old quick. I can't wait to get a bit of what you are getting shaws, ;) (warmed up a bit,) Hubby last night said my hands were freezing cold, yet it is summer.??? I thought they felt warmer, but obviously not. :)

I won't mention how good your hair looks Shaws, as I cannot see it. ;) :)


I see you have automatically connected 'warmed up a bit' with 'hubby'.


:O ;) :)



Many thanks to all of you about this.

I walked faster than usual to the doc's (I left a bit late), it is uphill most of the way about 1.4 miles and was very out of breath when I got there, but not wheezy and was fine by the time I got in: pleased with myself because it would have been easy to take the car. She has agreed to do all the blood tests, incl. FT3 and now I can make an appointment for after the hols. and will post results when they arrive. She listened to my chest and agreed with me that I need to exercise more regularly, which I am fine with, totally agree and thankful it does not seem to be anything else. funnily enough, even the legs are playing ball this morning, I have arrived home and not too sore.

Thanks again for your support.


So pleased to hear your Doctor has agreed to do all the blood tests and even T3 romulalupine. :)


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