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Show your doctor -gold standard US research proves Natural thyroid just as effective and preferred by many

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share this here. I came across it a while ago.

It is highly persuasive and in the face of it my endo now supports me taking natural thyroid extract (NatureThroid). Next task - to persuade the NHS to prescribe it for me (the GP, and now the hospital are refusing on grounds of cost.

Any of you who do receive a prescription on the NHS I would be very grateful to hear from you as I would like to make a case. I also plan to write to my MP etc about this issue so it would be great to get some info on what's happening regarding prescriptions

We need some coordinated action on this as with this research we need to be given the option to have this medication on the NHS and not be forced to buy it ourselves online.

I hope this is of help!


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AnnFran, the problem is natural dessicated pig thyroid is not licensed for use in the UK so many doctors have never heard of it and aren't willing to prescribe a drug they don't understand.

BTA guidelines are very specific that Levothyroxine is the treatment protocol for primary hypothyroidism so it's a battle to get doctors to prescribe outside of the guidelines.

That's why TUK ask people to sign and share their petition to fund reseach into T3 and NDT.


Thanks Clutter - I wasn't aware of the petition and have now signed it.

Unfortunately I'm well aware of the lack of a UK licence and the problems this causes.

The research looks to be happening at long last in the US - and I found another very useful paper published a couple of years ago in Italy. It feels more like an eduction of the doctors on this research that's required.

As an admin, are you able to pass on to Thyroid UK this research paper - it would be great if they could post a link on their site? Or do you know who'd I'd contact to ask that?

Thanks again


AnnFran, email the link to I don't know if it will be of use because there are other studies showing the benefits of T4+T3 and NDT. My endo was dismissive of the quality of most random controlled trials, particularly American, but he shut up when I cited some European studies on the benefits of T4+T3 combination and does prescribe me both.


Funny how that bias works, and it cuts both ways, not made in the US or not made in Europe, depending on where you're from. PR


PR4Now, I think it's shameful and we should expect better from supposedly educated people. I pointed out that the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins weren't hotbeds of witchdoctery and flimflammery and he looked a little shamefaced. I'm not sure how well consultant doctors keep updated with new research though.


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