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Soft lump?

That doesn't refer to my body, but it could do! I have a soft lump at the base of my throat, just where there is a gap between the collar bones. To look at me it is not noticeable but when I push my skin to one side the lump is visible. I went to my GPmonths ago, he ran some bloods but said it was nothing to worry about. It hasn't grown but is still there. Any ideas anyone? Thank you

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It could just be fat. Some people have a suprasternal fat pad. A person doesn't have to be overweight either. It's just a fat distribution pattern.


I have what might be the same thing, it certainly sounds like it is in the same place, although mine is visible all the time. It is what initially prompted me to see my doctor, who ordered my very first thyroid blood tests, which resulted in a quick diagnosis of Hashimoto's. I have had one endo tell me that it isn't related to any kind of thyroid problem, but I think I read that it was somewhere. It doesn't hurt, and no-one seems to worry about it, so I guess I don't either.


Same has happened to me, so I try not to worry either. Just a tad curious!


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