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Armour thyroid dose

Hi i wonder if you can help me, I have been slowly upping my Armour dose over the last couple of months, I noticed a big change at 1 1/2 of Armour, unfortunately I ran out of it and had to change to Erfa, this didn't have the same effects and my symptoms came back. I have recently switched back to Armour hoping to get some relief from this, but my symptoms still haven't gone! I even upped my dose to 2… wondering if i should go back to 1 and a half again! very confused

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If you've only just changed back, I would give it a little while for Armour to settle back again. If you felt good on 11/2 I would stick to that for a little while then raise it by 1/2. If you still aren't feeling good you can reduce it again.


Hi Erfa has less T3 in it.I would give the armour a chance to settle and then have bloods TSH, T4 and fT3 done



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