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Blood test results, help please?

This is the result of my test.

Serum yah level (xaELV). Above range. 4.10 mIU/L (0.3-3.94). Outside reference range on T4. Inadequate replacement, suggest review in first instance and also consider dose.

Serum free T4 level(XaERr) 13.3pmol/L (12.3-20.2)

Despite what it said about the dose, the doctor said no further action to be taken. I have no idea what the numbers mean. If I'm a bit hypo or a lot hypo or anything? I'm currently on 50 Levi every morning with water.

I get pricking and tingling on the back of my tongue and throat all the time when I eat or drink and feel a bit under par mostly.

Can anyone help me please? I'm not sure where I am on the scale.

Thank you so much.

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Yah ?..??? Do you not mean TSH ?

your free t4 should be nearer 19 than 13 so you need treatment

also check u r not eating /cooking in foil or non stick coated or aluminium or thst your water supply is not treated with flouride or any form of aluminium salts



My phone decided to say yah instead of TSH.

I can't do anything about my water supply, but I do filter all the water I drink. I don't cook in foil and if I do, I wrap in grease proof paper first. Thank you for your response. Appreciated.

Generally.......On the number front. I have two sets of numbers. I still don't understand what they both mean in terms of my hypothyroid condition? I don't know why the hospital says inadequate dose and the doc, who didn't even bother writing to me, states on the sheet, no further action. I had to go to the surgery and ask the receptionist to print the results for me. I feel quite upset that I don't know what's going on. I don't know loads of stuff despite reading until my eyes bleed about this condition.

I'm going to attempt to see a doctor next week who might be able to explain why the two statements on the same print out seem to contradict each other but I'm not holding my breath as getting an appt. is like climbing Everest but without the awesome outcome when u get to the top.

This sums up how I feel right now. :( to the power of 12.


Ok lets start at the beginning

TSH is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone which is pushed out by the pituarity to kick a thyroid into producing Free T4

In your case your Thyroid is failing probably due to Auto immune attack of Hashimotos Disease

Hence a TSH of 4.1 is totally indicative of NYPOTHYROID /under active thyroid

Your Free T4 should be more like 19 not 13.3

The process of causing underactive thyroid also severely depletes all manner of vitamins and minerals especially Ferritin which must be optimum at 70 or over

Go back to your GP and insist on tests for

Thyroid Antibodies

Vit B12

Vit D3



and since your TSH is 4.1 and your free t4 is low as per the lab report you need a prescription for Levo thyroxine

Meanwhile ensure you get a good multivitamin and take that every night before bed pplus at least 500 mg of Vit C

If your ferritin is less than 70 you will also need to take iron plus 500 mg Vit C at least 4 hours away from the levothyroxine

Theres plenty of research to prove the need for ferritin in hypothyroid patients because without it being optimum your body cannot comvert the T4 in levothyroxine into the T3 your cells need to function

Hence why you are tired etc etc


Thank you again. I am currently taking 50 levothyroxine first thing in the morning. It seems I need more if I am low on the numbers. Now off to look at hashimtos, sigghhh.....something else to worry about, oh good.

Thanks for answering. I'm off to have a cuppa cos apparently it fixes all manner of things.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend and wishing you well.


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