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hello... just thought i would say hello as i

have not been here for ages.... and it has all changed soooooooooooooo much. hope you are all well as possible.... considering the lack of knowledge countrywise,globally.........xx

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How are you Pettals? You haven't been on for a while, hope all is well


hi getting there hope yu are well too xx


It's nice to see you back here pettals. How are you doing?


yes not too bad, i was so ill and i was worn out with so much resaerching ect, then last year i went to docs - a locum, i told him i had to get my ear sorted, so many perforations and infections... he sentme to my local hosp.. ggrrr been there for years , was always offered a hearing aid, i said NO-- THEER IS SOMETHING WRONG IN MY EAR!!!!. NO ONE LISTENED!

by the grace of my lovely GOD, i saw a brilliant brilliant doc who i am now in love with, who hooveerd my ear and sent ' matter' to the lab. he calls all his patients darling..

i went back he gavce me a scan and sent me to a brilliant surgeon who told me that i have to have an op- i said no!!!!!, he said you do not have achoice, this growth is heading towards your brain and you will have meningitas or a brain tumour! so i was in and had a 3 hour op, the growth like a cancer but not cancer, ate away all my hearing bones which have been removed, ate in to my mastoid bone so some has been chopped away- it had exposed my facial nerve, and eaten its way thru my whole ear, pass my eustation tube towards my brain, so theer we have it a brilliant NHS DOC WHO BOTHERED, and a brilliant surgeon... i am sure thisis one reason why my IGM was always double, but no one gave it a thought cos i was told i was just deaf! hey ho... anyway i needed a rest from all computers all illnesses etc, but i hav emissed you all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Pettals, welcome back! Wow what a story! That's incredible. Just goes to show how ignorant/negligable the average doctor is - no matter what their so-called speciality! So wonderful that it was caught in time!

Hugs, Grey x


thanks grey- it was called a cholesteaoma, so i would say to anyone who has ear probs or especially kids do not be fobbed off, this is awful and painful and is slow growing , i suffered so it would be worse for kiddiewinks.


Good advice! :)


Oh no, poor you. Do hope that you're recovering well, what a relief it must have been for someone to eventually listen to you.

Do take care and hope to see you here more often!

With best wishes.


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