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Sending bloods to Genova

Hi guys,

Hopefully Im having my bloods done on Wednesday and I have RT3 to do aswell. I just wanted to know about sending it back.

I have to do it by Fed Ex as I'm in Ireland, but I'm concerned that if left too long after being taken it will 'spoil'. I'm going to call Fed Ex to try and get them to collect as soon as possible after blood draw but how long can the blood be 'out' until it is tested on?

Thanks :)

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I done mine last wk and i am in scotland,i got mine drawn at 10 am and got the royal mails special delivery service,the mail did not get picked up from post office till 5pm ,and i got the tracker number and see it was delivered at 10:45 the next day .If it is delivered thhe next dayfrom draw it will be fine as long as your post guarantees next day delivery .p.s make sure when you post it that you cover price of test and how much you paid to get it drawn as the postal service is responsible for any loss if it had not been delivered next day


When you request the kit from Genova, they send you the courier forms for the firm they use - I would check whether the firm operates out of your area

Note I recently had a bad experience with Genova - you can read my post elsewhere


Maybe phone Genova as they will have the answer.


Yes I got instructions-details of a carrier or special next day delivery. Mine was saliva and each sample had to be frozen after completion. Don't know if blood is the same.


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