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How can i help my friend?

A friend i dont see often was diagnosed with overactive thyroid a few months ago, a mutual friend told me, so i messaged her on faceboik to ask if she was ok, how was the medication going etc..she replied she had lost alot of weight and was worried she would regain it if she took the carbimazole. I was alarmed, tried to tell her it was dangerous not to take it, but didnt hear back. Some time later i messaged again, she said she was doung ok and felt less hyper.

I bumped into her today and was shocked at her appearance. She was gaunt, approx half her previous body weight and had bags under her eyes, which also appeared bulging. I asked if she was ok, how was her thyroid? She was quite dismissive, saying oh its fine now, all sorted. Im not convinced.

What can i do? Im worried she isnt taking her carb in order to keep her weight down but i dont think she realises how unwell she seems..another mutual friend is worried too but says she wont listen to anyone, and says she wants to control her food/weight.

Could her thyroid really be ok just a few months after diagnosis? I really doubt it personally. All advice welcome.

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Hi hoe lucky your friend is to have someone like you being concerned about her! It sounds like Graves if she has a hyperthyroid diagnosis and the eye problems. It is usual to stay om carbimazole for many months after diagnosis but as you say she may not be taking it.I was told it is very dangerous to leave it untreated so it is important to be on treatment but as she is an adult it is at the end of the day her choice.There is always the risk of a thyroid storm if untreated which is life threatening. Could you not voice your concerns to her partner/family member.?

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Thanks for your reply..i will ask my other friend again, and try to find out if she knows more, i also suspect she may have developed an eating disorder and thats qhy shes terrified of gaining weight. She lives in a different country and is just back for a short visit. I thought about asking my gp as she was also her gp when she lived here, but i doubt she could do anything. I have a feeling she will just deny anythings wrong if i confront her but i will message her again anyway. She is married but i havent a clue what her husband thinks. She also sounded very raspy in her throat, not sure if thats connected.


Bumping for any more advice!


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