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help help help help! my thyroid symptoms are killing me and putting on a strain on my relationship....i cant cope can some one help me?

I am really struggling with my chronic fatigue symptoms. I am due for more blood tests. My tsh is 0.02, t3 ( normal range 1.6 -3) is 1.8 and t4 is 16.0 ( normal range 9-21) I am currently self medicating with pig thyroid 4 grain and 20mg of NHS T3. I am also supplementing with nutri adrenals and have been for the past 4 months and its made no freakin improvement with my chronic fatigue symptoms, tried a gluten free diet, done nothing to improve my symptoms. already been tested for celiac disease and it came back negative, I am on benefits and struggle to make ends meet so I can not afford private medical treatment. I have been away to Norway recently for 3 weeks to spend time with my boyfriend has been very upset as he can not take me up the mountains, take me out shopping, take me out anywhere nice because I am so chronically tired and unable to do anything physical. I tried once pushing myself up the mountains and within 2 mins I was breathless, heart was pounding like f***, was experiencing short black outs, sore head, aching muscles and I was like that is not me and its really annoyed my boyfriend, I have tried explaining to him that its my condition and in time once its treated properly it will get better...we have had fighting matches over it and its putting a strain on the relationship because im constantly sleeping all day some times 17 hours or more a day.....before this disease hit me I was doing karate, take kwon do, kick boxing, kung fu, out door walking, pole dancing, you name it and I was a nice slender curvy slim size 14. I have had modelling agencies contacting me in the past and Now thanks to my thyroid condition I am a size 22 and have been for 2 years. I lost 1 and a half stone and I am still carrying the thyroid weight. I am missing out on modelling opportunities.

My whole holiday in Norway has been ruined by this disease as my boyfriend had plans to take me to the molde jazz festival and many other nice things. I have been feeling like a zombie, chronically tired, mood swings have been flying all over the place and sleeping around the clock, there have been times where I have experienced insomnia despite feeling chronically tired. He has been crying his eyes out and so have I as I am like f****** hell this is f****** p****** me right off!! I CAN NOT SEEM TO LEAD A FREAKING NORMAL HAPPY LIFE!!:((

Some one please help me here!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell do I do?

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Hi HypoHippo

I was sorry to read your tale of woe. It is sad when things spiral out of our control due to our medical condition. No-one who has never had a thyroid gland dysfunction could possibly understand how every single thing in our body cannot work as it used to as our cells don't have enough hormone in our cells for us to function normally.

We can also get very difficult to live with and partners/friends cannot understand either our mood swings as we have been diagnosed and are taking medication. It seems our life centres around medication and clinical symptoms and that is only because whatever we try is not working.

Even though your bloods, on paper, seem fine, you are obviously not and your boyfriend is also suffering too.

I took nutri adrenals as well but I felt worse as levo was also affecting me badly too, so I dropped the nutri as I knew I couldn't stop levo.

How do you take your thyroid medication, i.e. all at once or split doses.

Dr Lowe says weight gain can be connected to our TSH level (our metabolism isn't high enough I assume)

Someone who is better at blood tests than me will probably respond but I think your T3 is just in the normal range although you are taking NDT and T3 so I would have though T3 would have been higher.


It is possible you are taking too much t3 and this is causing a resistance to it and production of reverse t3 exclusively from the t4 you are taking. Breathlessness and fatigue like you described can happen from too much hormone as well as not enough. How quickly did you raise to where you are now? You have to raise very slowly and have a lot of patience or your body cannot adapt to what you are giving it.

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What were your results for Iron - Folate - B12 - Ferritin - VitD ? They all need to be OPTIMAL. If low in their ranges conversion of thyroid hormones is compromised.

Also Adrenals benefit from VitC in good doses....

Can understand you feeling stressed and angry - but it will not help you to become well. The mind body connection is very powerful and deep and conscious breathing may help to calm you when you are feeling unable to cope....

As you were so active in the past - maybe it would be good to do something less demanding like yoga....

Also everything takes time - I was diagnosed at 59 in 2005 and am only just feeling optimal - lots of tweaking - learning - reading......

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Having been ill al of my life, I would rate relationships as the worst stress factor next to dealing with the medical profession and benefits agencies. In some ways relationships are worse because you can't switch them off.

You've become chronically ill, and the truth it is, it may take a long time to become well again. And of course worrying about that will only exacerbate the situation.

It looks like to you are doing the right things to get better. I would suggest looking at your vitamin B12 situation if you can persuade your doctor to do 'proper' tests, ie Homosystiene and Methylmalonic Acid.

Other than that all I can do is wish you luck. At least your boyfriend didn't 'dump you on the spot'. I've always wondered if I didn't have what I've got, whether I could believe it actually existed in other people.


I am so sorry you are having so much trouble, it isn't easy is it, to get a good dr and get proper treatment. I totally understand where you are coming from.

I hope someone here can help you love.



We are on the same meds I don't feel good either my relationship is up and down I struggle to work ache all over all the time and weight is still up it has to be to do with the levels but no idea how to help it


That should say TSH levels


Hypo, in the past someone asked if you are anemic. You did not respond. Have you had her ferritin, B12, Folate and vitamin D levels checked?

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Just one person out there feeling bad for you! Wish I had the answers. Thinking of you! xo Susita


Poor you. ((Hugs)) Hope just being able to vent has helped a bit. Are you on speaking terms with your doctor? Have you seen him/her recently? If not, you really should. Or find a new one you can talk to. Don't forget that Louise Warville has a list of reasonable NHS Endos, if you can get a referral you can choose who you see. How anyone in the medical profession can claim that you are 'sorted' thyroidally speaking when you are so ill is a mystery.

You WILL find a way through this, although it all seems awful now. This too will pass.

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Get your iron up! When I first started NDT I had severe shakiness, heart racing, shortness of breath and could not up my dose. I started taking lactoferrin and Albion iron. I did not think I needed iron, but I had tried everything else and read about it in on Stop the Thyroid Madness. It made all the difference! I was able to go up to 4 grains, a lot of my muscle and joint aches went away and what looked like adrenals was improved tremendously. I was never diagnosed anemic, but my mother was severely anemic and hypothyroid, so I gave it a try. I cannot recommend it enough. I took two small iron pills a day for a month and now once a day. Always with a meal and digestive enzyme as low stomach acid in hypothyroid conditions is the cause of low iron. It is very inexpensive compared to other remedies and vitamins. Good luck and I hope you find a good solution.


I feel for you, I understand the being active thing and now its impossible,, I was very active before my thyroid went auto immune,,I can toddle about my house , but i cant walk out on the pavements now for long without everything aching.

I feel like ive had a personality change too.I suppose im lucky that my good friends and my close man friend is very understanding as I dont see him when Im having a really bad day. However try Pilates, its gentle and if you start at a few mins a day and then work up things may improve.

I hope things improve for you ..Im dreading going back to work as they are all so competitive there.

But I wish you all the best,,its horrible gaining weight all of the sudden. I had just bought a whole new wardrobe and had to give it away as i dont fit into all the clothes i love..and resorted to leggins and baggy t shirts,,


hope you find something that works for you




Sorry to say I get it going thru hell to and destroying my life and relationships in general/ it is hard I know some days I just do not feel like I can take life anymore and I feel so alone and isolated. I am still going thru testing but I know what I have and the Endo wants to make my life worse than it already is. Pretty sad! I hope you get things worked out be your own best health advocate and push for your life back.If you listen to the Dr's sorry but most have no clue what we are going thru with this thyroid disease you will get nowhere I know I have read some of my re[orts between my Endo and GP and I feel bashed and belittled as they write like I am some nutcase and blame it all on menopause but I know different!! Best of Luck keep on fighting :)


hi hypohippo im so sorry what your going through as i can totally relate the stress it puts on a relationship with all the horrid things going on im struggling with my own battle and unfortuntley my life is on hold and i miss out on doing normal things with my young children and partner it at times drives me to the edge. I dont have the answers but something that helped my mental state and able to cope with things a bit better were guided meditation cds from glenn harrold (amazon) the best one when i was feeling really stressed was 'Creating inner peace and calm' it helps get your head in a better place when you dont have control over you health and works best before you go to bed, it not something i would of thought of doing or even buy until someone suggested it but im so glad i did, it seemed a bit silly at first but i thought what have i got to lose, but i tried to be open minded and after listening to it at night for a while it has improved my attitude and feel calmer in dealing with things on a day to day basis i think of the things i can do rather than cant do as when i concerntrated on the things i could not do because of being ill it drove me crackers i hope you can get sorted its only a suggestion but might help as a coping strategy until you get sorted as stress can trigger all sorts of strange things as well i wish you all the best in getting the answers you need



Get yourself tested for pernicious anaemia. Chronic fatigue is usually down to a lack of B12


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