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Hi guys.Just hoping to be pointed in the right direction really :-)

Am post tt (march 2013).I was feeling fairly well but have gone downill somewhat in the last few months.

Im showing signs/symptoms of meds not working so well(currently on t4 only).

Saw my endo for bloods and hes decided i could show positive for caeliacs although i have no symptoms of it,rather the problems (aching joints,sluggish and exhausted,dry skin,insommnia,mouth ulcers,mood swings etc) are because im not converting the t4 well.

I mentioned to him about a trial of T3 and although he didnt discredit the idea totally,i got the impression that even when my bloods come back clear for caeliacs but at the low end of range he still wont entertain the idea.

Hes calling me on Monday with the results so I have decided to directly ask him to prescribe T3 on a trial basis to see if it makes a difference.

As i explained to him im only 34 with 3 children and a busy full time job which im curently really struggling to maintain due to the drained feeling and the constant joint/bone pain and i have to try everything to get things balanced for me so i can get back to enjoying life and not hot footing it to bed with cocoa at 7.30pm for the forseeable future!

Anyway getting back to the question in point,I would like any reccomendations of where I could purchase T3 from if need be as T4 is not doing it for me on its own.

As with forum rules if anyone could recommend anywhere that they buy from personally an email with any info in would be much appreciated!

Thank you very much guys :-)

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If anyone has information re medication, please private message crazybeck.

Hi crazybeck

It does take some time, unfortunately, to reach the optimum dose to make you feel well. If you get a copy of your blood test results, with the ranges, and post them for members to comment.

I feel sorry that you also have to care for 3 children, work, etc whilst not being on enough thyroid meds to make you feel well. Unfortunately, it is quite a slow pocedure. Many change to this or that and don't give enough time to each alternative. What suits one doesn't always suit another but I think with you have a total TT that the addition of at least a small amount may be helpful.


I think you've hit the nail on the head again, Shaws, and I'd like to emphasise the consequences of the point you're making: getting the right balance once you discover your medication isn't getting you there is slow, imprecise and annoying. Scores of people on this site will confirm that, and we don't want crazybek to become another victim. If you're TT, you are very likely to do better with some T3, and you damned well shouldn't have to go skulking around behind your consultant's or gp's backs to get it. Crazybek you've got to hassle your doctors until they agree to start helping you to get well - they need to start putting you first!



Make sure to get your results with the lab ref ranges. Try the endos secretary after you've spoken to him if he doesn't provide them.

As Shaws and Mickstability have said, thyroidless patients don't always do well on T4 alone and there is research stating the addition of T3 may be needed to feel well.

Joint and bone pain may be due to lack of T3 but are also often due to low and deficient ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. These are often low or deficient in hypothyroid patients so you should ask your GP to do blood tests.


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