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Hi all. Am new to these posts so bear with me. Have had under active thyroid for appx 15 years. Am currently on 60 T3 + 200 T4. Was with Dr Skinner but just started with Dr Chapman. Had a few tests including adrenal and have been prescribed Nutri Adrenal which I start today. Am a bit sceptical about this as it seems hit and miss. The other posts don't help inspire confidence that this will work. Treatment under Dr Skinner worked but overall there hasn't been a huge improvement in my energy and weight levels despite changing meds over the years. Can anyone suggest something positive please?

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Pshah13, welcome to the forum.

Post your latest thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your result) as it helps members to comment and advise.

Many members have tried or use Nutri Adrenal to support adrenals. Some have found it be very helpful and others less so.


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