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Blood test result help please

My first post after browsing for a long time (great site) and learning a lot but not enough to interpret my test results!

I Have Hashimotos and been self medicating on Armour for some years but seem to be struggling recently so back to the GP after a very long gap. At least she did agree to test for T3. Discussing the results with her she was only interested in the TSH of course and said it was too low - but I expected this. I noticed though that my T4 was at the bottom of the range:

TSH 0.16 - range 0.3 to 5.6

T4 7.9 - range 7.8 to 14.4

T3 5.2 - range 3.9 to 6.2

This is on one and half grains. I didn't take any Armour 24 hours before test (have been taking it at 4am for some months now). After an intense period of work after this test, with a subsequent dip I went up to two grains and felt a bit better but now feel slightly overmedicated...

Any comments from the wise would be greatly appreciated.

Have asked GP for B12 etc tests but she is insisting that I go through my diabetes (type two) review first, which is a bit of a farce as my blood sugars normalised when I went on to Armour some years ago!

Many thanks in advance,


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Welcome to the forum, Gerald.

Your TSH is fine and will be low due to the T3 in the Armour. Oral T3 bypasses the need for high T4 storage which is why your FT4 is low in range. FT3 is ideally in the top 75% of range ie yours should be >5.62 and an increase in dose should accommodate this. Try 1.75 grains if you feel overmedicated on 2 grains. Or split your Armour taking the highest dose in the morning and a smaller dose 4/8 hours later to top up the T3.

When your GP has finished with her diabetes tick box list ask her to test your ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as they're often low or deficient in hypothyroid patients and can cause fatigue as well as presenting symptoms similar to hypothyroid symptoms.


Thanks Clutter for a very helpful reply, I will try splitting the dose as you suggest.


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