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Hi All

You now have the option to Share posts on Facebook/Twitter.

Please note that this is only available on Posts which have been left 'open' or available to 'Everyone' not ones where the original poster has picked 'Community'.

Please also be aware that if you do share a post, this will also mean that anyone on FB and Twitter will be able to see all of the comments attached to this post.

Thyroid UK is an open site, this means that any 'open' Posts are 'searchable' via any internet search engine and can also be shared on Facebook and/or Twitter. If you would rather your content was not 'searchable' and/or 'Shareable', make sure to pick 'Community' BEFORE you click submit. If you go back and change it later, the Post may still be 'searchable'.



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  • OK - I'll stop posting. Thanks for the warning.

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