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not long to go to enter the competition to win [at least ] 5 crisp £20 notes

if all or any of you people out there in cyberspace that use and have been helped by this , our , site never forget that WE need to keep it going ........... so with that in mind I try to raise funds , and this time I have decided that I will collect aluminium cans [ in the back garden ] --- which I have been doing for some years for charity ---- but this year there is a little twist ............ I have personally guaranteed that whatever money is raised from the collection I WILL MATCH as a prize [ with a guaranteed £100-minimum ] all you need to enter is guess the EXACT FINAL WEIGHT when they are collected , each guess will only cost £1 and all 'guestimates' funds will go directly to tuk .........if you want more info please go to 'pinned posts' and then to ---fundraising with alan the ali-man---- I am certain that with all the good people that use this site we can do our bit to keep it going and someone will have an early crissy present ........alan xxxxxs

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Thanks Alan

Will link this to the other post and pin this one instead... :)




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