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Ferretin etc blood tests ,please help read !

Hi I posted last week that I had terrible hyper symptoms after introducing 10 T3 to my 100 of T4 . It was suggested I should ask go to check some iron etc before i try again and here's my results. (Which he said are perfectly fine and made me feel like I was wasting his time!)

Serum vit D 94 nmo/L

Serum folate. 6.6 ug/L

Serum B12. 704 ng/L

Serum ferritin 62 ug/L

I think I read that ferritin could do with being min of 70 but not sure about the rest .

If anyone can enlighten me I'd be grateful !


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Amanda, it's not a waste of time when results are normal it can help to eliminate causes of unwellness.

Ferritin is optimal at 70-90. You're very close, so perhaps eat a little more iron rich food like liver, meat and fish.

VitD and B12 look good but I can't tell about the folate result without the lab ref range. Folate will ideally be high in range.


Thank you,

Lab range for folate is 2.70-34.00 ug/L if that helps?

If all are ok maybe its my stressed adrenals that are the problem and I need more support there before I try T3 again .

Any ideas how I can do that better?

I've just starting taking nutri adrenal extra hoping that might help.


Amanda, your folate should be higher in range. Methylfolate is a better supplement than folic acid. Please use the TUK affiliate link if you buy via Amazon

Nutri Adrenal and Nutri Adrenal Extra are usually recommended for adrenal support. If you find the NAX too strong you can halve the tablet.

Perhaps split your T3 into two doses 4/8 hours apart.


That's great, thanks so much 4 advice !


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