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Help with endo please

My daughter visited endo due to painful swelling in neck and issues with thyroxine no lionger working properly. He was surprised at the fast rate of the swelling also. She was born with underactive thyroid. Endo put in letter that lump was non tender and put her in for ultrasound. Daughter just rang me to say that even the pressure of the probe on her neck was really painful, lump has grown even more as she cannot find shirts to fit her neck. The technician who did the ultrasound said no lumps or bumps(even tho endo had felt and seen it??) and it was structually sound. I don't know what is going on except since I put 2 complaints in to NHS my family is finding it near impossible to get medical help.

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Roubyroo, I was told that technicians do not interpret ultrasound scans as this needs to be done by someone senior and trained before being returned to your endocrinologist usually after 10 days.


I did think that, also excerpt he made a point of saying there were no lumps or bumps and everything was fine when she clearly has a huge swelling that's now affecting her breathing.

Thanks anyway


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