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Testing for Thyroid


I'm new on here.

I've been having symptoms for a while now, mainly:

Weight Gain, Tiredness, Heart Palpitations, Extreme hot/cold tolerance and many more.

I have a blood test tonight to check my thyroid but my doctors are less than helpful and I get the feeling my blood results would come back and the doctor will say everything is fine.

Should I ask for a 2nd opinion or just take what they say?

There isn't anything else I think my symptoms could be.

Thank you

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Hello Rachel welcome to site. It's always best to get a thyroid blood test done as early as possible in the morning. TSH is higher then and that is the figure they use to assess condition

. Any chance you can reschedule appointment for early am one day?


Hello, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I work over an hour away from my doctors and have to leave at 5.30 am. I'm not usually back until about 6pm by I've managed to get a bit of time off.

If the results come back clear I will try again and book the day off.

My doctors aren't the easiest people to get appointments with.

Thank you


Doctors diagnose by the TSH and many don't take account of our clinical symptoms, unfortunately. The TSH is highest in the morning which might be enough for the GP to give you treatment.

The guidelines by the British Thyroid Association are that medication is not prescribed until the TSH is 10 (abominable). Some doctors will prescribe around 5 with symptoms.


Can you not get your TSH test done at your local hospital? Our system is: get bloods form from GP and attend haematology dept first thing, they open at 8.30 and you take a numbered ticket as you arrive and get called in in turn! I never use GP, usually have to wait 2 weeks for a time slot with phlebotomist and then only open on a friday morning! Hospital sends results back to GP. Do get a print out of the results wherever you have the test.


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