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I am still experiencing symptoms on NDT and I am on 4 grain and 20mg of t3. I am thinkin about switching to t3. please help?

I am currently partly self medicating with pig thyroid medicine and recieving 20mg of t3 from the NHS. I am still experiencing symptoms of chronic fatigue. I have been taking adrenal supplements for the past 3 month and thats not done me any wonders. I am still suffering. how much is 4 grain ndt equivelant to t3? I am looking to try t3 on its own.

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My husband is on 4.5 /5 grains of NDT and he is fine at age 72

was on 120mcg T3 and prior to that 350mcg thyroxine neither of which suited him

so you are on a high dose but for how long has that been ?

However without knowing a lot more about your history and other blood tests results its hard to help


Hypohippo, 1 grain is equivalent to 75mcg T4, so 4 grains = 300mcg T4 or 100mcg T3.


Hi HypoHippo, i'm in the same situation as you. I take 3 grains of armour and 75mcg T3 that's made absolutely no difference.

I was recently put on iron by my doctor and my temps are now normal. Could you be anaemic?

Also I just received results from an adrenal profile test that shows I'm at the adrenal exhaustion stage. I think this is why I haven't improved much. I read that cortisol helps push the T3 into the cells. Also sufficient iron, VitD3 Folate Vit B12 need to be high in the ranges. Iron helps guide the T3 to your cells.

Have you thought about getting an adrenal profile done? Then of course it's trying to get the treatment on the NHS that's where I am at the moment and it's not easy.


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