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Can anyone recommended a thyroid doctor Hampshire/London/will travel

Can anyone recommend a thyroid doctor in the Hampshire area, or I will also travel i.e.., London? I have seen an endocrinologist privately who ran the correct blood test, my T3 levels were below normal. It's been a disaster, put me on T3 last week and I've been so ill and had to come off it again. Had incredible fatigue (like I'd been drugged with sleeping tablets) and also lost weight. He is being very difficult about carrying out further tests (ie adrenal) and addressing my low ferritin levels, which I requested prior to starting the T3. I want to see somebody from the Thyroid UK list but don't know who is best. Thanks very much.

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Does it have to be a "thyroid doctor"? I can recommend a good private GP in London. Suggest you do your own adrenal testing (i had the saliva test via genova) as private practitioners add a hefty surchage


Thanks for the tip about the saliva test. I would rather see someone who has lots of experience treating thyroid issues, but am open minded. Have you seen this GP in London yourself for thyroid issues?


A member who has consulted someone on the list will send you a Private Message. I am sorry you are so unwell at present and hope you get sorted out soon.


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