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feeling crap

I have had chronic fatigue since age 15, i'm now 48. I've had some borderline tsh results and Dr skinner was convinced I am hypo. I put on 12 stone in weight over last 2 years despite being careful what I eat. Dr skinner put me on thyrxine which made me feel worse. Now on armour. Ran out of it for a few days and felt slightly better. Now just paid £90 for an increased dose of armour and been taking for 2 days . I cannot get out of bed. MY iron is now at 45 and vit D back within normal range. B12 has been checked and ok. What is killing me?

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Hi Mandyjane

I am sorry you are feeling quite unwell. Levothyroxine doesn't always make us feel better. In fact I felt worse. I note you are now on NDT.

Regarding your blood tests, is it possible to get a copy of them from the GP, with the ranges, from your GP so members can comment. What is 'normal' to GP may not be normal for us.

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Hi Mandyjane. You sound similar to me and for me the bigger issue is adrenals. Thyroid seems to have kicked in when I meanopausal. There's a good questionnaire here that will help you decide if adrenals might be an issue for you

If you think they might be, I highly recommend you do what I did and order the cortisol saliva test from genova Uk or Blue Horizon.

If you do, be aware that your GP won't be interested, but I can PM you the names of doctors who could help you.

PS - if adrenals are your issues, increasing thyroid meds won't help as they won't work properly until you start treating your adrenals.

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Sorry but theres no way diagnosis of CFS /ME are true 10 to 1 you are actually hypothyroid and probably central hypothyroid which means TSH is low but medics fail to recognise

Equally Pernicous aneamia is never properly tested or recognised

both mask for a non sensical diagnosis of ME/CFS by medics to lazy or ignorant to research

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I agree with Rosetrees' reply, could very well be an adrenal issue. I found Dr Durrant-Peatfield's book a great help when I went through a similar experience. My adrenals were at the root of the symptoms I experienced. You may have to cut down or stop the NDT for a short while and introduce some adrenal support first before resuming your usual dose of NDT again. Taking your pulse and temperature will be an indicator of what's going on, as well as the saliva test the Rosetrees talks about. This is all detailed in Dr P's book. I know when I started my NDT I had hideous crashes. With strict pacing and adrenal support I'm on the up again thankfully. You may also not have enough nutrition to spin your 'Krebs Cycle', which is a cycle that happens in the mitochondria to make energy. The thyroid regulates it but we need the right nutrition to support it's function. Dr Sarah Myhill calls this 'Mitochondrial Failure', when the Krebs Cycle doesn't work properly, it's extremely common with CFS/ME sufferers. More information about all this on Dr Sarah Myhill's website: Make sure you're taking supplemental magnesium, B-complex and good quality organic cold pressed (if a vegetarian oil) or mercury/dioxin free omega 3 and 6 oil capsules. These will support your mitochondria and adrenal glands. Don't worry, just take it very easy for the moment to allow your body to rest, while your body's going through this process.

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I went through the same process -was diagnosed with CFS/ME but then two years later diagnosed with an underactive a consequence of ME/CFS said the Proff specialising in this condition....

I personally only did well when I took extra b12, bcomplex with folate, Vit D3 , a natural dessicated thyroid and supported my adrenals -and avoided grains.....I did not do well on Levo -even when my dose was at a good wack of nearly 300mcg -I did better with adding T3 in but best on a NDT.

I used to dismiss my diagnosis of CFS/ME. I do believe it exists but am not convinced this is the case for me. Dr Myhill has done some great work on Mitrochondria dysfunction which she believes is a central cause of CFS/ME. This can be tested but it is expensive.


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