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I will be moving to Norway and I can get medicines from an EEA country without a i am needing some help can you help?

I suffer from hypothyroidism, I am currently self medicating with pig thyroid medicine but it looks to me that I will not get it from the norwegian health service and i can not get pig thyroid outside eea as I need a medical license which bloody sucks. I am moving to norway because I have a boyfriend and I will be studying at university over there too, so i am looking to try t3 only, i can get t3 in norway but their medical system is the same is here in terms of crap treatment for thyroid I will have no choice but to self medicate my condition. Does anyone know of any pharmacies within the EEA that ship T3 ( pig thyroid will be a bonus but i am not holding my breath) to other EEA countries such as norway?

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I have sent you a PM...........hope it is of some help.



This is a link I found. I don't know if it will be helpful or not.

An another:-


I think that first link is to a machine for measuring FT3! :-)




The Recovering with T3 Facebook group may be able to advise you regarding T3 as there are probably members in Norway


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