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Guess what?!

Today my doctor was off so I had a locum. He made me a deal - regardless of what the specialist says, if I take another TFT he'd trial me on thyroxine.

Meanwhile after that, my antibodies came back to specialist. she said she's happy for me to start thyroxine too if I am.

So so so happy. Weight lifted off my shoulders.

Thank you all so much for all your advice. Couldn't have done this without you.

Whitney xoxo

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That's brilliant, Whitney. You should start to notice an improvement in symptoms 7/10 days after starting Levothyroxine.

Don't trash the research, you may need to use it to fight for increases in dose ;)

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You honestly have been amazing. I can't thank you enough. He was Going to start me without her consent next week but I'm hoping with her consent hell start it ASAP.

I'm so so pleased. He's starting at 25mg. Should I fight for 50? Or be happy with this?!


25mcg is a very low dose, so in a few weeks if feeling no better ask to increase it to 50mcg. You will have another blood test in 6 weeks anyway and so on until you are at a dose that makes you feel well. Not to be told you are no o.k. as your TSH is in the 'normal' range. The object of thyroid hormone replacements is to bring you back to good health with all clinical symptoms gone. Doses vary from patient to patient.

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Brilliant thank you! Should I ask him to give me a chance to get my TSH to 0.5 to 1 and see how it is rather than just lower it?

He's been really nice and really open minded. Although he's worried because my blood pressure has been high...


Whitney, Full replacement dose for adults under 60 without heart disease is 75mcg/100mcg so you could push for 50mcg unless your bp is of concern.


Hi Clutter

Do you mean 75/100mcg is full replacement starting dose for over 60's

Or is that the maximum dose that can be taken and cannot be increased.

Thanks browny


Starting dose, Browny.


Thanks Clutter,

was a little confused, doesn't take much these days.


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