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duplex kidney, dry eyes... thyroid problem?


I'm 41 and an ex alcoholic (15yrs) totally abstinent since 2012, had had flank pain for almost 2yrs liver said to be fine, gall bladder with stone removed last year and still in pain. US scan shows right kidney duplex. Have lost 3 stone in 18 months and eyes very dry have to use drops. Is it a thyroid issue?

Thank you.

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If you think it might be thyroid related, ask your doctor to test your TSH, FT4 and FT3 and thyroid antibodies. They might try to refuse to do the FT3 (free T3) test, but this is the vital test to determine if you are hypo. If they totally refuse you can order it privately.

Also ask for your iron, folate, ferritin, B12 and Vit D levels to be tested.

Get a print-out of all the results and come back and post them, then people can help you decide if thyroid might be a problem for you.

Btw - congrats on being alcohol free for 2 years. I bet it feels good to be able to type that.


I have dry eyes too, I also use drops as well as ointment at night, which by the way does help, yes it is a thyroid related issue, I have found a lot of info on this site, that has helped. Congratulations for being alcohol free for 12yrs.


Sorry I said 12yrs. Made a mistake it is 2 yrs..


Hi kizzy40'

I had dry eyes intermittently for a year or so about 20 years ago, until I started taking

Vitamin H, also know as Biotin.

It cured it right then and there. So try it, but ONLY from a Health Food shop, definitely not

the supermarket.

And congrats for abstaining from the big "a" word for two years, that was a big step for you :) :)


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