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Can you treat adrenal fatigue whilst on Levothyroxine 75mgs?

I wrote in recently as I have been really poorly over the last month after my bloods went deranged again. I have not responded to the increase in levo from 50mcg to 75mcg 2 weeks ago. I have already been on 100 mcg and had to decrease as my bloods showed I was hyper. As with most sufferers I am now trying to figure out why I am presenting as a complex patient and I am thinking that I may have adrenal fatigue (I tick most of the boxes, especially being hypo and losing weight fast). I am going to ask for more tests tomorrow but in terms of addressing adrenal fatigue with DEHA 5 etc I am not clear whether you can do this with Levo. I have been reading literature but I am confused. Help needed again sorry folks.

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Frazzie, post your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges as it will help members to comment/advise.

It does take a couple of weeks to feel improvement after a dose increase. If 75mcg isn't enough and 100mcg was too much you can split a 25mcg tablet to try 87.5mcg or alternate 75/100mcg daily.

I don't know much about adrenals but you can support adrenals while taking Levothyroxine.


Are you sure you were actually hyper or was it just your GP looking at your TSH blood test, without checking on your symptoms. You know this happens all the time. If you post blood tests with reference ranges, as Clutter suggests, people can advise. How did you feel when you were on 100 Levo?

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Hi Clutter and Hennerton. I picked up the reference ranges today. TSH 6.9 (0.27-4.2), serum free T4 13.2pmol/l (12-22) and serum free T3 4.1 (4-8.3). My gp has agreed to send me for further blood tests, including FBC, LFT's, ferratin, B12, Vit d, Cortisol and fasting glucose. I have already started iron supplements as I have been so pale and I presented with anaemia the first time around when I first got diagnosed. I think its a really great idea about splitting 25mcg tablet. I am going to give it another week, wait for my blood tests to come back in a few days and take it from there. Comparing my results form March I have gone from one extreme to another especially with T4 and T3. (T4 in March 30.2 and T3 7.7) I guess this shows that I am converting though right? I started my gluten free diet yesterday, and munching away on brazil nuts. Anything to dampen down the autoimmune system. Thanks for your time and advice.


Hi, Levothyroxine is T4 so it is not so good for adrenal fatigue. First it's better to treat adrenal fatigue specially if you have poor t4 conversion into t3 as your test says. About cortisol, you should test it through a saliva test not blood. It is great that you start gluten free :D then try paleo diet. I paste some links that might be useful to you:


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