Dr Chris Steele & Hypothyroid Patient - Failure Of Britain's Lousy & Inept Endocrinologists, Hosp Consultants & GP's To Correctly Diagnose

It beggars belief. Thousands upon thousands of us are misdiagnosed or non-diagnosed, day after day, by inept Endocrinologists, consultants and GP's. If the government provided us with better clinicians who listen properly, without being dismissive, condescending, patronising and sarcastic, we'd all be correctly diagnosed sooner, would feel better and would not lose years or decades of our lives.

You need to sort out your shite Endocrinologists, Hospital Consultants and GP's - Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg and that stupid House of Cronies - instead of cutting welfare.

When you provide us with astute and considerate doctors, it'll cost the country, DWP and Nhs less, because we won't be feeling like death warmed up with our "curtains drawn" until mid afternoon or later.

Yes, there are "the strivers and the scivers". And YOUR lousy Endocrinologists, Hospital Consultants and GP's are the scivers. And WE are the strivers - striving, year after year (or in my case, decade after decade) to find a GOOD doctor!!! WHY is it so difficult to find a perceptive and considerate doctor in Britain?!!!

While the lab reference ranges are deliberately set wide enough to park your car in, and doctors are instructed not to diagnose/treat until we hit some ridiculously bad lab score (as stated in the video), we meanwhile get progressively worse until our condition becomes chronic - killing off our potential for having a happy and fruitful life, career, relationship, marriage and children. How many relationships and careers have fallen apart because an individual had these undiagnosed/untreated symptoms which their doctors stubbornly ignored?

The damage is knowingly done by these inept doctors. In my case, they continued to ignore my lab reference ranges EVEN when my scores were out of range and out of whack. They did Diddly Squat. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Zero.

Hippocrates did not have/use lab reference ranges to foolishly withhold diagnosis and treatment. These medics talk about their Hippocratic Oath, but Hippocrates would turn in his grave at their stubborn refusal to diagnose and treat us before our illness has become chronic and devastating.

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  • Londinium, I'm really glad you have the energy to be angry. That means you feel better.

    It's truly appalling what we go through. Yes, decades of wasted under functioning life. It's so easy for doctors to be condescending and rude to a person whose brain has slowed to a crawl.

    It's abusive is what it is.

    We need a class action law suit.

  • Actually, I had a terrible weekend. Woke up at 2pm-3pm on Saturday. Forced myself to get out of bed. Was in a lot of physical pain and extremely tired and sleepy. Made myself go out, but didn't have stamina, so sat in a shop for a couple of hours. Went to bed early that night. Got up late morning Sunday. Felt somewhat better that afternoon, and then suddenly felt worse. Returned home... and then wrote this Post.

    I was upset at all the lost YEARS and DECADES and all the so-called bloody doctors who have abysmally failed to diagnose and treat me. I've lost health, life, career and relationships. So when George bloody Osborne talks in the House of Cronies about the scivers and the strivers and our curtains being drawn, I'm incensed. Yes, George, they are drawn - because of the stupidity of your abysmal doctors.

    The Dr Chris Steele's are few and far between, but thank God he went on TV and talked about this - and I hope he does it a lot, lot, lot more.

    Someone needs to make a documentary about this issue which has cost us our lives and has impacted our society as a whole. If you imagine thousands of people in society who are chronically unwell but trying to get ahead, but failing due to illness and exhaustion, what is the impact of that on the person's life, friendships, family, career and society? It's a huge and very damaging ripple effect. So the sooner these inept doctors are advised to do the bleeding obvious and recognise and treat our symptoms, the sooner these damaging conditions can be turned around - before the individual's life and every aspect of it has been permanently wrecked.

  • Good one Dr Chris Steele!and well done the patient for raising awareness

  • Do you think any bloody doctors watched that? Sue looks good.

  • Probably poo poo it anyway! Yes Sue loks great x

  • Well done Sue for spreading the word and along with Chris Steele helping to get the word across!

  • Well done from me too...good to see Sue looking so well and an inspiration for us all to keep going.When was the broadcast made?......we need more exposure everywhere.

    Perhaps eventually the penny will drop and they will learn that optimal treatment for

    Hypothyroidism sooner rather than later will in the end save the NHS a lot of money and patients decades of unnecessary and debilitating suffering.

  • And of course the obvious need for us ALL to sign and PROMOTE this: epetitions.direct.gov.uk/pe...

    Nobody is going to do this for us, it has to be us! 16.000 members plus on here in the UK, how come only 4,461 signatures! Also signing it is not enough we all have to push it out to reach a wider audience, easy in this day and age with email, Facebook, Twitter, other forums and website. Also to our friends, neighbours, colleagues and relatives.


  • Ive signed, but this petition doesn't go far enough. There's no mention of all the thousands of people who aren't receiving any treatment due to the TSH normal range. X

  • Yes, and please can you pass the petition on... forums, Facebook, email, friends, relatives, colleagues neighbours etc. Thanks Mx

  • I will, but I do think you'd have got many more signatures if the stupid TSH range had been mentioned too. Perhaps that's the subject of a further campaign, but running side by side wouldn't necessarily be helpful. X

  • Hi, not my petition, I am just doing what I can as a member on her to break through the total apathy.. and get more signatures, not of course being disrespectful to those members who have and are signing and recruiting. MaryFx

  • Sorry Mary, of course I'll do my best. If we were all like you, we'd get there much faster. I admire your perseverance. Xx

  • This is very helpful - in Sue's case, she had classic hypothyroidism as her TSH was over 10, but it's heartening to see Dr Steele say to persist with doctors when bloods are within normal range and you have symptoms.

    Would it be poss to have the Youtube link so I can forward on? Many thanks.


  • So typical, why don't doctors know this. I realise there are lots of conditions but why do doctors insist that blood tests are normal and ignore how you feel. I am but a shadow of my former self but have given up now as what hope is there at 70. Are terrible cramps and nightmares also part of the thyroid scenario?

    Thank you for this post.

  • Follow the money. Big Pharma are involved with the mis-educating of Endocrinologists, Clinicians and GP's. It's in Big Pharma's interests to have people medicated for several things and getting sicker and sicker, rather than receiving prompt and correct diagnosis and treatment for one thing - thyroid issues.

  • The lab reference ranges are deliberately set so wide (min to max) that we are knowingly, as a result, left ailing for years while these doctors wait for our results to hit the required score that they feel will then entitle us to a diagnosis and treatment. Their negligence is deliberate.

    Narrow those reference ranges and train the clinicians better, so that they listen to our symptoms and do not rigidly and stupidly stick to wide reference ranges.

  • 100% agree with that

  • guillimette---don t give up- take some turmeric first bio curcumin make sure its absorbable by having black pepper included to get rid of inflammation in the body,take fish oils with DHA, THEY WILL HELP THYROID AND TAKE BCOMPLEX. eat KALE it is s super food. start off with these..

  • I am interested in your reply. My boyfriend John is so poorly we don't know which way to turn. Can you give me your recipe and how to take please?

    How much turmeric and how, and how much bio curcumin?

    Thank you

  • How do we get an appointment with Dr Chris Steele?!! This is fantastic and it's great that Sue mentioned Thyroid UK :-) Londinium-that is truly scary what you say about Big Pharma. I thought maybe they want us all on Thyroxine because it's cheap but I never thought the master plan might be for us all to suffer multiple diseases! It's like something from a Sci-fi novel.

  • The two tags to this Post - Death and Hypothyroid - are SO apt.

  • We were SO proud of Sue! :)

    Sad that this was 3 years ago and things still need to change....!

    On a brighter note.... Dr Steele is the keynote speaker at our conference....


  • Well done great boost to the thyroid cause going to show my doctor this

  • Its easier to comment than it is to get something done, while the big pharmaceutical companies are behind the BTA and RCP there is no chance of change...

  • Well done Dr Chris Steele for trying to give the message that patients with thyroid disorders need a clinical diagnosis as well as that by test results. In my case, like Sue, I remained undiagnosed for ten years, in spite of a family history of thyroid disease and a long list of symptoms of hypothyroidism. I was disabled and bedridden for many years and lost my career, which I loved, ad a clinical psychologist

  • Another sorry tale...


  • LONDINIUM... I COULD NT AGREE MORE- SORRY CAPS ON- well done you !!!! dr chris is a GEM.

  • Maybe we should send it to the Prime minister ,maybe he will listen as there's a doctor stating the facts as wellas a fellow thyroid suffer .

  • Er, "there's a doctor stating the facts as well as a fellow thyroid sufferer" - I think you meant as well as THOUSANDS of fellow thyroid suffers who are all costing this country money. So the Gov should pull their finger out, narrow the stupidly wide lab reference ranges, and instruct the Endocrinologists, hospital clinicians and GP's to focus on our symptoms - rather than wait for our lab scores to look awful before doing anything for us - by which time we've become very ill, lost loads of time and our quality of life... and cost the country loads of money through seeing a myriad of gormless doctors who, when faced with the bleeding obvious, had refused to diagnose and treat us.

  • Yes i agree with you ,and i think it is about time that something got done ,because we are all giving up years of our lives to thyroid problems ,Some of these GP'S have a tantrum if you speak up and tell them that they are wrong ,i got asked to leave the GP'S office on one occasion because i told him is diagnosis was wrong and that i just needed my levo highered

  • Thank you, Londinium for posting this video. Firstly, may I say that I am always so pleased to hear of anyone regaining their health and life having suffered the awful effects of an underactive thyroid. I wish Sue continued good health and thanks for bringing this subject to light. I thought the interview very good and it was great to hear Thyroid UK praised (as it should be), but rather disappointed Not to hear Dr. Chris Steele mention all the treatments available, including, T3 , NDT, T4+T3. Sue said that she did not benefit from the original medication given to her but did not say what her successful treatment was now ?

  • They didn't seem to be allocated enough time to go into that. Hopefully, they'll invite Dr Steele back to discuss it all over again and will give him extra time to cover the natural treatments that have had gradually restored health to many people.

    Maybe some Thyroid UK members could email this link to the tv show/station, and they'll then consider arranging something?

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