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Advise needed before I see dr on Thursday if possible please

After taking some great advise from some of you wonderful people I wrote a very pointed letter to my doctor not asking but telling her that i either wanted to start thyroid medication NOW or be referred to an endo. I have been having symptoms most of my life, even had my pituitary looked at 20 odd years ago as things like my shoe size altered etc but the consultant left the area and no one else could be bothered so i was forgotten about (the usual story). Ever since then they have only done the basic thyroid tests on me and said I was high to borderline so refused to do anything about it. But this year they have told me that my 'thyroid is attacking itself' which you kind people informed me is Hashi's. I have spent hours investigating this and it explaims so many of my symptoms over the years it is untrue. I am so mad to think I have been so ill for so long and it could have been so easily treated. So I wrote this letter telling the doctor this. She has called me in on Thursday, but what do I say? I am not so brave face to face, any suggestions? I saw another doctor last week about my restless legs at the main hospital and i mentioned it to him and he said she is probably hesitant because if they give me thyroxine my thyroid will stop altogether, is that true or are they fobbing me off? I told him I had shrunk 3 inches in height and even though my eye sight had stayed the same for over 20 years had altered by over 25% in the last 6 months he all of a sudden stated shuffling through my file rather rapidly. He then arranged for me to have a bone density test and a list of bloods taken including,

Hb/Full blood count

Coeliac Screen


Urea & Electrolytes

Bone (incl. Magnesium)


as I took a picture of the sheet while waiting for the nurse, he at least now seems to be taking me seriously.

Any advise greatly appreciated, thanks xx

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Write a long list of every single symptom you have suffered over the years

with hashis and hypothyroid the symptoms change week to week and day to day

it rather sounds like you have osteoporosis too which may have been caused by undiagnosed coeliac

The way fwd will not be swift as much damage will already have been done to your body cells which takes time to repair and really needs NDT for best results

Its vital now she tests




Vit D3



I strongly suspect you are severely deficient in all of the above ( do not accept any "normal " nonsense from NHS

Be sure to always get actual print outs of your blood tests even your old ones would be helpful to us

You also need the reference ranges

You are likely to need to correct the low ferritin etc first and only take T3 or an NDT before even thinking of taking levothyroxine because when your body and or adrenals are really low they have trouble coping and since your vitamin C and Vit B are also very likely to be at crisis level you will need to take good supplements and multi vitamins too

Without Ferritin being over 70 in its range your body simply cannot convert Levothyroxine T4 into the T3 yiour cells are screaming for

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Thank you so much this will really help. I was told years ago by a gyni that my ferritin was extremely low so was given a boost of folate to 'top it up' but have never been tested since. Every time I mention it the drs always say there is no need. But this time I intend to go in fully armed and ready for anything. She has said she does not think it will be long before my thyroid gland gives up altogether but still wanted to leave it 6 months before testing it again, until i sent her my letter that is now she wants to see me too 'discuss it' should be interesting.


Folate helps you absorb Vitamin B12, Vitamin C helps you absorb iron. you are probably low in both B12 and Ferritin. Make sure she tests you again for all these plus Vitamin D. The NHS ranges for 'normal' are enormous and have not relation to optimising your health.


Total rubbish

Ferritin above 70 is vital indeed one forum member posted on here last week their endo said it must be over 100

whatever you do dont accept a prescription for Levothyroxine because you cant utilise it you must have Liothyronine

i can send you research papers to prove this later


yes please anything i can take in to show her i mean to fight this will help. Thanks again x


Take your symptom list for the GP

Take my responses with you just to remind you of what to insist on



Do you have any recent thyroid results you can post?

Prescribing thyroid replacement can prolong the inevitable atrophy of your thyroid gland caused by autoimmune thyroid disease, although it is unlikely to help yours at this late stage. If you are prescribed Levothyroxine (T4) I advise you to take it. 80% of people do very well on it. Many GP surgeries will only prescribe Liothyronine (T3) if instructed by an endocrinologist and sometimes refuse even then. NDT is not licensed for UK use so few NHS doctors will prescribe it, particularly if Levothyroxine has not been demonstrated to fail, and patients have to purchase it from the internet.

The vitamin and mineral blood tests RFU advised are important as hypothyroid patients are very often low or deficient and good levels are important to aid absorption of Levothyroxine and for wellbeing.


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